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"Three former leaders of the FCC are investing in RapidSOS, a startup that seeks to solve one of 911’s biggest problems: Operators often can’t see the exact location of cellphone callers."
“In an emergency, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Now, [RapidSOS] is quietly revolutionizing the emergency response system.”
"RapidSOS, an emergency response data provider, raises $30M as it grows from 10K users to 250M"
"The approach developed by Apple and RapidSOS sends location data from an iPhone to a ‘clearinghouse’ accessible to emergency calling centers."
"Instead of going it alone, Apple decided to route its HELO efforts through RapidSOS, which has already partnered with major public safety software companies like Motorola and Raytheon."
"Now, Apple is teaming with a New York City company called RapidSOS, builders of a data pipeline that can rapidly whisk HELO information captured on the phone to 911 call centers."
Any Android user in a RapidSOS-covered area will have their location sent (RapidSOS is used in over 1,000 emergency centers and covers over 100 million Americans), regardless of which carrier they’re on.”
“Apple, Google Add Life Saving 911 Location Data to iOS & Android”
“Any 911 center with access to the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse will automatically receive faster and more accurate device-based caller location data for 911 calls from Android devices.”
"Now when a 911 center receives a call from a device using RapidSOS's technology, the dispatcher's software asks the RapidSOS database for more data."
"Apple is teaming up with RapidSOS to include a new way to transfer location data to 911 call centers over the internet, building on the current system which was developed for landlines and uses older, phone-based data."
"Currently, emergency services can determine the location of an iPhone caller via a technology called Hybridized Emergency Location. RapidSOS’s system will increase the precision considerably, the companies said."
"iPhones will soon automatically share your location with first responders when you call 911, thanks to a new partnership between Apple and startup RapidSOS."
"Uber is integrating with RapidSOS to enable automatic location sharing with 911 dispatchers"
"As part of a pilot with RapidSOS, Uber can give even more precise information about your location"
"A lifesaving smartphone app"
"The result is a system that dramatically increases the information available to dispatchers, accelerating response times, and saving lives"
"A tie-in with RapidSOS will automatically share your location [from the Uber app] with 911 dispatchers"
"RapidSOS hopes to end geo-location fuzziness with a database that seamlessly integrates with 911 call centers."
"[RapidSOS] offers an updated way to reach outdated emergency response systems."
"RapidSOS To The Rescue"
"911 callers get through to emergency responders faster with the app"
"The software we have through RapidSOS pings your cell phone the same way that Uber would, Dominos Pizza, any of those other apps that provide services directly to your location."
"New Technology Helps First Responders Find Cell Phone Signals"
"Using RapidSOS technology... not only did dispatchers see the right address, but once it even specifically showed [the caller] was in the northwest corner of the building. It did that before the dispatcher even picked up the call."
"The [RapidSOS] service connects you to the closest dispatch centre and sends your location even if you don’t know where you are."
"The direct link to 911 can help save precious minutes in an emergency response."
"RapidSOS wants wearables to come to the rescue in emergency situations"
"[RapidSOS] cloud-based platform provides a universal rich data pipeline into existing 911 systems from any connected device"
"Through this partnership, all 911 centers connected to RapidSOS's 911 clearinghouse will receive live data from Waze...allow[ing] them to respond more quickly."
"Bright Ideas: RapidSOS"
"With Motorola, [RapidSOS] expect[s] to deliver 911 caller location information directly to first responders in their vehicles."
"The end result is that a far more accurate version of this important public safety requirement could be implemented in a fraction of the six-year span."
"RapidSOS pinpointed our exact location within seconds, while Collier County dispatchers, relying on their current 911 system, struggled to find our location."

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