Connecting Your IoT Platform to 911: RapidSOS Emergency API

by Hfbtech

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What is the RapidSOS Emergency API?

At its core, the RapidSOS Emergency API is a way to link connected devices to 9-1-1 through one simple API call, making it possible to connect to 9-1-1 and first responders in an emergency.

The RapidSOS Emergency API reduces the complexity of getting lifesaving data from connected devices to public safety.

With millions of connected devices all built for different purposes, emergency call flow needs won’t always look the same for each customer. That’s why we built the RapidSOS Emergency API  to easily allow for various customizable call flows between connected device users, emergency contacts, emergency services and related third parties.

These call flows can be triggered through a variety of different mechanisms:

  • Users given an option to request emergency services after devices detect an adverse event. For example: 

    • Home security systems that detect a break-in
    • Wearables that detect an adverse medical event
    • Cars that detect a crash
  • Soft panic buttons inside mobile apps
  • Remote activation by emergency contacts who are worried about their loved ones’ safety
  • and more!

The interface to customize your call flow for your customers’ needs is the RapidSOS Emergency Console. 


What is the RapidSOS Emergency Console?

Call flows can vary based on desired solutions. Where one app/device may simply offer a direct connection between the caller and 9-1-1, another app/device may have a need for a complex flow including multiple callers, call trees, Ops Centers, SMS messaging, and more.

The RapidSOS Emergency Console makes it easy for Engineers, Product Managers, and even non-technical business folks to customize their call flows for their needs.

Simple setup process = Safer customers and better emergency outcomes


How does the Emergency API fit into the RapidSOS platform?

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