Find the right
product for your
safety needs

Leverage powerful connected product solutions with public safety to protect your people

Find the right product for your
safety needs

Leverage powerful digital connections with public safety to protect your people

RapidSOS Connect

Share life-saving data with 911

RapidSOS Connect is a data, voice and monitoring solution that is customized for innovative companies to connect their life-saving data directly to 911 nationwide. With our high-touch monitoring services and easy-to-configure API workflows, we ensure that critical incident data is available to 911 to enable faster, more effective emergency response. 

Our partners send data from devices, apps, and sensors such as accurate location, medical and health information, auto accident data, user profiles, and security alarm information, so first responders can arrive on scene better informed. 

Easy-to-integrate API for 24/7 monitoring & emergency response

Quickly implement advanced emergency help for your customers

Protect your customers with high-touch monitoring services

Faster, more effective emergency response

Empower 911 and first responders with verified emergency information

Eliminate the need for a phone call to improve response time by authorities

Strengthen your partnership with public safety

Strengthen your relationships with 911 and first responders

Leverage our team of engagement managers to educate telecommunicators on accessing your data

Product solutions

Find the right product
for your members, customers,
or devices

RapidSOS has product solutions that build on each other, so depending on what your product or need is, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, all products are integrated into our emergency response data platform

  • President and COO of MedicAlert,
    “We realized that getting information to the first responder community even sooner in an incident could improve outcomes.”
    President and COO of MedicAlert,
    Josefina Jervis
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