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Haven SDK and API

SDK: Drop-in data link to 9-1-1 & responders into your iOS or Android device

The Haven SDK condenses all the functionality of the Haven app, making it easy to integrate emergency calling, family connectivity, international emergency calling and data transmission directly into your app.

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Direct connection to RapidSOS backend, allowing for more tech control and customization. If you are interested in our API please schedule a conversation with one of our Sales Engineers here .

Haven App for Business

Provide employees, customers, and members with one touch access to 9-1-1, family/team connectivity, and more with the Haven app or Haven white label app.


One-Touch-911 feature sends your customer's precise location and key info to 9-1-1, lets them text 9-1-1, and notifies emergency contacts automatically.


Real-time location sharing provides a social platform for users to engage with loved ones, family and co-workers.


One touch emergency calling in 250+ countries and jurisdictions worldwide keeps your users safe wherever they travel.

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Predict Emergencies Before They Occur

RapidSOS' analytics engine digests millions of data points to provide unprecedented understanding of when, where, and how emergencies occur.


Resource staging, trend analysis
Real-time data and multimedia of events
Emergency reconstruction

Collaborations with major auto OEM yields car accident predictive model

Global database of exactly when and where emergencies occur

Emergency data geo-regressed with over 50 environmental variables

Predictive models provide real-time accident prediction


Vehicle responds automatically to adverse conditions
Cars actively route around danger
Cars inform drivers of increased accident likelihood
Next step in movement toward driveless cars

"RapidSOS uses cloud telecommunications and data analytics to push essential information into the 911 system."

"Dramatically increases the information available to dispatchers, accelerating response times, and saving lives."

"Named startup of the year by Consumer Technology Association, RapidSOS aims to add new smarts to the emergency dispatch system."

"RapidSOS To The Rescue"

"The app that could save your life"

"911 callers get through to emergency responders faster"