Public Safety Team Spotlight: August

by Hfbtech

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At RapidSOS, we’re dedicated to helping first responders save lives by empowering a faster and smarter emergency response. We’ve built relationships with over 5,200 Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) worldwide, supporting over 200 million emergencies annually.

In this blog post series, we’ll get to know our public safety team: the people who are working with public safety professionals everyday to ensure RapidSOS is building the solutions they need to save lives.

This month we’re featuring Customer Success Managers Keith Viveiros and Eve Eggiman, as well as Partner Relations Manager Bill LePoidevin. They were each involved in the public safety world for years before they joined RapidSOS, and we had the chance to ask them a few questions about their time here.

Let’s learn more about them!

Keith Viveiros

Keith has worked in public safety for 40 years. He started as a police officer and criminal investigator for Stanford University back in the 1980’s, during the era of anti-apartheid demonstrations. He served 27 years in a 911 center in Silicon Valley, working near small start-up companies like Google and Apple. Keith was in the right place at the right time when RapidSOS came looking for a 911 Coordinator.

Why did you decide to work in public safety, and how did that lead you to RapidSOS?

“Whether by nature or nurture, public safety has been a passion of mine for more than four decades, in the field as an officer and in the ECC. About nine months before my planned retirement from government work, a representative from RapidSOS came into my ECC for a visit. I researched the company and immediately recognized that RapidSOS’s platform was going to transform 911, and I knew I had to be a part of that mission. Three months later RapidSOS posted a position for a 911 Coordinator.”

How do you think emergency response will evolve over the next five years?

“One of the biggest problems in public safety communications has always been maintaining staffing levels. With advances in technology and the shift in workforce demographics, I can envision some ECC staff working remotely and on-call to respond to call surges. That would enable ECC’s to draw from a much larger pool of candidates by nullifying geographical restrictions in hiring.”

What has been your favorite project so far?

“The most exciting period for RapidSOSwas the lead-up to the announcement of our partnership with Apple (and soon-after Google) paired with our presentation of RapidLite (now RapidSOS Portal) at NENA in Nashville. We knew we were changing the face of 911 forever. The timbre at the conference was palpable, attendees could be heard discussing RapidSOS in the hallways, and our booth was mobbed the whole time.”

What is something most people do not know about you?

“Years ago, I used to be an avid golfer. I wasn’t too bad, either. I wasn’t good, but I wasn’t too bad. Of late I’ve become interested again and will be taking up the sport again. This time I hope to actually be good.”

Eve Eggiman

Eve started as a volunteer with her local fire department 40 years ago this year. She started dispatching in 1985 and during her 22 and half years in 911 she worked her way through the ranks to Director before moving to the private sector.

Tell us why you decided to work in Public Safety and how did that lead you to RapidSOS?

“When I was 15, a group of my friends joined the explorer post for our local fire department and when they were telling us about it, I said I was interested because I had always wanted to follow the fire trucks on calls. One of the guys said that I couldn’t because I was a girl, so the challenge was on and I joined. In 1985 they decided to hire dispatchers and I was one of the first three that were hired. I worked my way up and became the director of our 911 center before moving to the private sector. When I saw the position at RapidSOS I applied because my passion is helping the agencies that are the first line responders.”

What do you love about working with RapidSOS?

“The company is like a family, I love that we are all working on helping the public safety agencies with getting the most information we can for them. I really like how everyone checks on each other and it is the best company I have ever worked for.”

Outside of working on the life-saving technology of RapidSOS, what do you like to do for fun?

“I love to spend time with my husband, daughters and sons-in-law. We are trying to plan a family vacation once  our second daughter is married. Family is so important to Doug and I. I also still love being a volunteer and responding to calls to help our community.”

Bill LePoidevin

Bill has been with RapidSOS since May of 2018.  Prior to RapidSOS, he spent twelve years working with public safety by providing solutions for 911 agencies across most all of the Western US.

What do you love about working with the public safety team?

“I like our leadership. Karin Marquez is a special person and leader. I love the team environment and the excellence she expects from herself and all of us. And of course, I love my team members and their willingness to lend a hand and their drive to get our goals accomplished.”

Throughout your career, what has been the most rewarding moment or experience?

“I have had many rewarding moments in my career, but securing large financial projects and working with exceptional people to win these projects is what I will always remember.”

How do you think emergency response will evolve over the next five years?

“Technology like artificial intelligence will change how we handle 911 calls and disposition for first responders over the next five years.”

In the next series, we’ll introduce more of our public safety team. Stay tuned to meet your advocates in RapidSOS, and be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date!