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It wasn’t a huge challenge to train our folks and we have 600+ dispatchers. It’s super easy to use and all the data you need for that call is immediately displayed.

Todd Austin,

LAPD Sr. Police Representative

Emergency Communication Centers

  • One unified mapping solution that combines multiple tools and critical data for all emergencies in your jurisdiction
  • Improve agency interoperability with neighboring jurisdictions
  • Integrate RapidSOS-vetted tools to customize your experience

Field Responders

RapidSOS provides field responders with critical details before they arrive on scene thanks to an integration with IamResponding, and our partnership with Axon.

Access data like field responder locations, incident location, health profiles, live body cam footage and more – for a faster, more informed approach to incident response.


Public Safety Partners


Our partners play a critical role in our mission to connect the world to public safety by integrating directly with RapidSOS.

Learn more about how companies and public safety partnerships help innovate emergency response for the modern world.

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We had a hard fall from an elderly gentleman in our community; he was not easily able to communicate, but his smartwatch detected the fall and RapidSOS provided the critical data with location down to the indoor room that allowed us to make the save.

Multi Agency Communications Center

Grant County, WA

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I got a call, the female couldn't talk she could only answer YES or NO questions. The address did not show up on call handling equipment but it did on RapidSOS... stayed on the phone with her. She acted like she was on the phone with her mother. But this message is mainly about RapidSOS, I'm glad that we have it.

Keisha, GA


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We received a 911 call with an open line. We could hear an argument where a female was referencing a gun and telling a male to stop. Responding officers were having difficulty locating the caller's apartment, so we sent them a picture of the map from RapidsOS, which showed the exact building at the complex and pinpointed where in the building the call was coming from. When officers arrived, they detained the male, who had come home intoxicated and was threatening to kill the female. Having RapidSOS helped us locate the caller quickly and efficiently, and prevented this from becoming a hostage situation where the caller could have been seriously injured or killed.

Galveston, TX


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This year, through the end of August, we had 12,743 calls that came in through RapidSOS but not into our call handling equipment. Many of these ended up requiring emergency response. Thank you and your team for your work!

Karen Moore

ECC Director, Wilson County 911

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We received a 911 call from a man whose jet ski sunk and he was in water up to his neck. He was unsure where he was. The surf and wind were intense due to Hurricane lan approaching. Using RapidSOS Portal, dispatchers were able to steer deputies to the caller's location. He was retrieved by a rescue boat and treated by a paramedic on board.

Bryan County E911, GA


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We received a call from a concerned parent that his children were hiking in the Bisti Badlands and were lost. As the call was being dispatched, one of our Lead Supervisors glanced at RapidSOS Portal and noticed a call that had plotted in the badlands area. She was able to zoom into their location and follow the breadcrumbs and as they were walking on the ridge. After we obtained the coordinates from RapidSOS Portal we dispatched our helicopter to the area, and they were able to locate the subjects.

Crystal Arellano

San Juan County 911, NM

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