5 Times the RapidSOS Clearinghouse Has Helped Dispatchers Save Lives

by Hfbtech

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Over the past couple months we have heard countless stories from our public safety partners where data through the RapidSOS Clearinghouse has helped save lives. Read on to hear firsthand from PSAPs using the tech and find out how you can get access for your agency. 

5 RapidSOS Clearinghouse Success Stories

Boat Crash in the Bay

“We had a boat that crashed into Alcatraz, and that call that we received from one of the people on the boat was very frantic and they weren’t able to give a precise location. We used RapidSOS Portal and it was able to pinpoint the exact building that they were next to and we were able to assist them very quickly.”

– San Francisco Department of Emergency Management

Language Barrier

“On 10/21 we took a call for a fire where the female was just yelling in Spanish. We used RapidSOS Portal for the location and we were able to respond to the correct area.”

– Arapahoe County E-911 Authority

Disconnected Call

“I took a call from a male caller stating “I need Police here now!” I could hear yelling in the background so I could tell something was going on. I was able to get his address and saw he was calling from a Hotel and just as I was asking for his room number he disconnected the line. I immediately went into Rapid[Lite] and entered his cell number and BAM not only did the exact same address come up but it also came back with the hotel room number as well.”

– 911 Orleans Parrish Communication District

Nine-Year-Old Home Alone

“A nine-year-old girl called 911 to report a man in her backyard while her parents were away. During the call, the cell phone disconnected due to low battery. Without the added benefit of precise location services, the call would have been geo-located blocks away. With the enhanced location services, we were able to find the girl and make sure she was safe.”

– Seattle Police Department

Caller in Distress

“A caller in a recent violent attack couldn’t tell dispatchers exactly what street and intersection they were at but [RapidSOS Portal] found their cell phone on the map and got help there much faster than they could before.”

– Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications

Get Access Today

There are two ways for PSAPs to access life-saving data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse – through existing PSAP software systems or through RapidSOS Portal. To make sure you don’t miss out on having access to life-saving data today, follow these two steps:

Step 1: Claim your PSAP’s 100% free, zero-commitment, RapidSOS Portal account in minutes today.

Step 2: Set up a meeting with your RapidSOS public safety representative to determine the easiest path to an integration through your CPE, CAD, or mapping software.

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