Easy-to-implement API that helps risk bearing entities optimize members’ journeys via real-time 911 notifications

RapidSOS Health

Maximize operational efficiencies
and cost savings

  • Understand member utilization to inform operational decisions and control costs
  • Intervene early with high risk members to support a larger pool of low risk members
  • Notify case managers when unengaged plan members are at the ER to prevent high costs
RapidSOS Health

Faster, data-enriched,
emergency response

  • Link rich data into 5,200+ 911 centers to enable faster, more effective emergency response for your members
  • Create touch points with members by notifying case managers about high-risk members before they reach the ER
  • Help 911 centers route members to in-network facilities

Health data available for first responders through RapidSOS

RapidSOS Health

easy to implement emergency help

  • Quickly implement advanced emergency help with just a few lines of code
  • Easy to integrate API integration to increase speed time to launch
  • HIPAA compliant and SOC certified to meet your company’s security and reliability standards
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Maximize operational efficiencies and cost savings