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Dave Sehnert
Director, NG911 Strategy & Partnerships

John Brosowsky
Vice President of Innovation

Dan Craigie
Market Manager

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Episode 5:
All You Need to Know About Z-Axis Location

RapidSOS Insider Episode 5: All You Need to Know About Z-Axis Location

In recent years, the FCC has strengthened its requirements to ensure the availability of accurate location information during 911 calls. From “dispatchable location” to z-axis information, the Commission is pushing wireless network operators nationwide to adopt technologies that can help first responders locate callers more efficiently in an emergency.

In this webinar, RapidSOS and public safety technology experts from GeoComm will take a deep dive into the different types of location data available to emergency services, discuss the ways to access this information, and share use cases where next-generation technologies can empower faster, more intelligent incident response.

Key takeaways include:

How are 911 telecommunicators accessing accurate location and z-axis information today to find callers within multi-story buildings?

How can wireless carriers, public safety, z-axis solution providers, and device manufacturers work together to deliver intelligent location information to Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs)?

What upcoming technologies enable the delivery of z-axis information in a digestible format to ECCs?

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