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Karin Marquez
Senior Director of Public Safety

Oona Krieg
Chief Operating Officer
Brave Technology Coop

Stan Alleyne
Chief Communications Officer

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Episode 7: How Medical Data for 911 Can Help with Behavioral Health Crises

RapidSOS Insider Episode 7: How Medical Data for 911 Can Help with Behavioral Health Crises

Many states, including Virginia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, are passing legislation to divert 9-1-1 calls related to mental health issues to appropriate crisis centers. The goal of these legislative updates is to improve the outcomes of emergencies that involve people experiencing a mental health crisis. In this episode of RapidSOS Insider, Karin Marquez, Senior Director of Public Safety at RapidSOS, Stan Alleyne from Vitals, and Oona Krieg from Brave will discuss how medical data can play a critical role in shifting to community-based, health-centered emergency responses that can lead to better outcomes for people with behavioral health issues.

Key takeaways include:

Awareness of evolving legislation and new crisis response programs that could impact your ECC

Strategies for how to best prepare for these changes and ways to encourage your local community to participate

Incident scenarios in which medical data from health companies like Vitals and Brave can help support faster, more efficient emergency response

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