RapidSOS Introduces Emergency Data Exchange (EDX) Aimed at Solving the Interoperability Challenge Among Software Systems Used by 911 Agencies Across the U.S.

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Latest innovative solution from RapidSOS enables real-time situational awareness by empowering neighboring public safety agencies to seamlessly coordinate emergency response and share critical data across jurisdictional boundaries during mass emergencies. 

NEW YORK, NY, September 15, 2021 – RapidSOS, the industry-leading innovator in delivering emergency data to over 5,200 Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs), today announced Emergency Data Exchange (EDX), a new cloud-based solution with powerful features that digitize the integrated response of neighboring first response agencies enabling interoperability through automated data sharing. EDX increases the situational awareness of neighboring agencies; helps agencies digitally connect to real-time incident information and request or offer response assistance; and, in the future, will serve as a multi-channel communications platform for agencies and provide integrated response to emergencies. 

The solution, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud (US), provides a real-time interface to digitally share incident information using National Emergency Number Association (NENA)’s Emergency Incident Data Object (EIDO) standard interface. 

“The RapidSOS Emergency Data Exchange is meant to improve collaboration and response times using systems already available to Emergency Communication Centers,” said Ryan Reynolds, Justice and Public Safety Lead at Amazon. “We believe that this innovation will help solve the challenges with multi-jurisdictional dispatching, emergency response, and disasters.”

“RapidSOS was built in partnership with public safety. As a trusted partner to 911, we work with public safety to understand the unique use cases on the ground and how RapidSOS can help solve these challenges,” said Jessica Reed, VP of Strategy and Global Partners at RapidSOS. “EDX is a perfect example of how we collaborate with our private partners to provide innovative solutions that make things such as interagency operability and communications achievable.”

Paving the Way for Next Generation Interoperability

The RapidSOS Platform enables ECCs to perform secure, text-based, multi-agency communication providing the ability to view incident data and coordinate resources for multi-agency response.

EDX helps solve the disconnect between various public safety software available to ECCs. The AWS GovCloud (US) serverless application architecture provides Cloud capabilities that allow disparate systems to connect with each other. By making EDX an independent platform, RapidSOS will be able to create interoperability among dozens of software providers, which will further enable connectivity between the agencies that use them.

RapidSOS EDX enables real-time situational awareness, empowering public safety agencies to seamlessly coordinate emergency response across jurisdictional boundaries providing efficiencies that were previously unachievable. As a result, communities can benefit from faster response times and emergency responders from improved safety as contextually relevant emergency data is delivered through the RapidSOS Platform.

The RapidSOS Platform powers over 5,200 ECCs across the world, covering more than 94% of the population, and is integrated with over 350 million connected devices. These devices, recognized as RapidSOS Ready, transmit real-time location health and medical information, connected building and alarm data, and more in an emergency. 

EDX will be available later this year. For ECC leaders wanting to learn how they can implement EDX, please refer to your ECC engagement manager.

Public safety partners who want to learn more about how to integrate with EDX, please email partnerteam@devhfb.com.

About RapidSOS
In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first emergency response data platform that securely links life-saving data from 400M+ connected devices to emergency services and first responders. Through the platform, RapidSOS provides intelligent data that supports over 5,200 Emergency Communications Centers worldwide, across 150 million emergencies in 2020. Together with innovative companies recognized as RapidSOS Ready, RapidSOS is supporting first responders in saving millions of lives annually.

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