Emergency Tech Company Releases Free Life-Saving Situational Awareness Tool to 9-1-1 Centers Nationwide

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Jurisdiction View, a new feature in RapidSOS Portal, allows 9-1-1 centers to view accurate location and rich contextual information from 9-1-1 calls in one, active, real-time map interface

New York, NY | February 27th, 2020 – RapidSOS, the emergency technology company that connects millions of devices to over 3,700 Emergency Communications Centers, is now providing credentialed public safety agencies with Jurisdiction View – a new situational awareness tool to access critical location and additional data during an emergency. This feature is included in RapidSOS’s free software application RapidSOS Portal.

Developed over several years in collaboration with more than 1,000 first responders, Jurisdiction View automatically puts life-saving data at the fingertips of public safety officials during an emergency. This information includes the location of wireless 9-1-1 calls from iPhones (iOS 12+) and Android devices (4.0+), and rich contextual data from connected vehicles, digital health devices, connected buildings, and applications such as Uber.

Leveraging RapidSOS’s Next-Generation-911 technology, Jurisdiction View provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Situational awareness: Jurisdiction View allows dispatchers to differentiate between clustered, high-visibility emergencies (like a multi-car accident), and calls related to isolated emergencies.
  • Outage support: Jurisdiction View can display emergency information even if an outage takes down 9-1-1 voice circuits.
  • Advanced alerts: Jurisdiction View often plots the location of events before the phone rings.
  • Enhanced user interface: Telecommunicators can now select any active call from a queue and immediately zoom in to access any available emergency data.
Note: This is a mock-up of a 9-1-1 jurisdiction intended to showcase the feature.

“With Jurisdiction View, 9-1-1 is able to plan out their response more efficiently than ever before,” says Tom Guthrie, VP of Public Safety at RapidSOS. “They’ll be able to see exactly when and where emergencies are happening, and better assess the clustering and separation of these emergency service requests. Combined with real-time location data for each call, Jurisdiction View helps to significantly reduce the time it takes for 9-1-1 to assess and respond to each emergency.”

Before the nationwide launch of the feature, RapidSOS conducted a beta program to test, train, and operationalize Jurisdiction View.

“Jurisdiction View has provided us with unprecedented situational awareness,” said Michelle Potts, Communications Manager at Chandler Police Department in Arizona. “We had a call come in as a non-serviced initialized call (9-1-1) prefix that you can’t callback, but Jurisdiction View automatically displayed a valid phone number and location. With this, we were able to send officers to the location displayed and the male was transported and saved. Without Jurisdiction View, there would have been no way to access this information and the male may have never been found.”

According to Captain Scott Brillman, 9-1-1 Director for the City of Baltimore, “Jurisdiction View lets my 9-1-1 specialists and leadership see the “big picture” and rapidly identify exact locations of 9-1-1 calls as they come in. In the past, we had to answer a call and verbally confirm the location from a caller – now the location instantly pops up on Jurisdiction View, often before we even pick up the phone. This saves so much time, and gives us much better situational awareness, and more accurate location information than ever before.”

9-1-1 agencies can also access Jurisdiction View through integrated RapidSOS Portal, a solution that works with CPE, CAD, and mapping products. For more information about Jurisdiction View, please visit the RapidSOS website

About RapidSOS
RapidSOS is an emergency technology company that links millions of connected devices to over 3,700 Emergency Communications Centers nationwide. Partnering with Internet of Things (IoT) companies and the public safety community, RapidSOS’s Emergency Platform provides a rich data link from connected devices to public safety – sending life-saving data to improve emergency response. Through RapidSOS Portal, or integration into existing software, agencies can securely access device location data, as well as additional data from user profiles, apps, wearables, connected cars, and homes. Learn more about RapidSOS: www.rapidsos.com.

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