RapidSOS says “Thank You” to Public Safety Telecommunicators

by Hfbtech

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What is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week?

Every year during the second week of April, the telecommunications personnel in the public safety community are honored. This week-long event, initially set up in 1981 by Patricia Anderson of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office in California, is a time to celebrate and thank those who dedicate their lives to serving the public by sending help to 911 callers in need. It’s a time designated to recognize these hard-working public safety telecommunicators for their impact, dedication, and valuable service to our communities.

Why is it important?

Did you know that public safety telecommunicators respond to over 240M calls made to 911 each year? These tireless individuals are the passionate, helpful, and reassuring voice at the end of the phone when help is urgently needed. They are known as the “first first responders” who play the critical role of keeping the 911 caller calm while dispatching the appropriate police, fire, or paramedic team to save lives.

Let’s say THANK YOU!

Be sure to thank our heroic telecommunicators this week and all year long for the life-saving work that they do every day. Join us in posting the hashtag #NPSTW2021 on social media this week and sharing your appreciation for their service!

From our entire team at RapidSOS, we offer a deep, heartfelt THANK YOU to every single public safety telecommunicator worldwide. Your service to people in need, danger, or crisis is so incredibly valuable. You save lives every day with your quick thinking, your calm words of encouragement to those you serve, and your passion to help others. We are grateful and honored to support you and partner with you to transform emergency response.

Watch these videos below to hear the THANK YOU from RapidSOS!