Product Spotlight: Rave Mobile Safety RapidSOS Clearinghouse Integration

by Hfbtech

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RapidSOS is partnering with Rave Mobile Safety to provide public safety agencies using the Rave 911 Suite with accurate location and additional data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse.

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The RapidSOS Clearinghouse

The RapidSOS Clearinghouse is a NENA i3 compliant Location Information Server (LIS) and Additional Data Repository (ADR) that is accessible to authorized PSAPs through integrations into all major call-taking equipment, mapping software & CAD products.

Through the RapidSOS Clearinghouse, PSAPs can securely access device-based location information from enabled smartphones without the need for the caller to use an app, resulting in faster and more accurate location than Phase 2 information currently available. You can read more about the RapidSOS Clearinghouse here.


Rave Mobile Safety RapidSOS Clearinghouse Integration

Rave 911 Suite: 9-1-1 Data and Communication

The RapidSOS Clearinghouse directly integrates into the Rave 911 Suite, with no change to existing PSAP workflows.

About the Rave 911 Suite:

  • Improve Outcomes with Smart911 Provided Personal and Medical Information
  • Resolve Abandoned Calls Faster with Text-from-911
  • Protect Responders with Context on the People and Buildings Involved in the Incident
  • Dispatch More Accurately with Improved Mobile Caller Location from RapidSOS

Whenever a wireless call is received, RapidSOS-enabled Rave 911 Suite equipment will automatically query the Clearinghouse for supplemental location and additional data. The Clearinghouse will return the latest available known location from enabled smartphones. Accurate location from the Clearinghouse appears in the Rave 911 Suite map as supplemental data to the ALI location.   

You can read more about our partnership with Rave here. You can also find an FAQ section for the integration here.

RapidSOS-Uberv2[1] (1)

Pilot: Mobile Location from Uber

We recently announced a pilot with Uber and Rave to send device-based wireless location to PSAPs through the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. Starting with Denver, CO, when an Uber driver or rider initiates a 911 call via the Uber app’s 911 Assistance feature, the PSAP will receive the user’s location in their Rave map from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. You can watch the video on the partnership below or read the blog post for more details.

“What is being delivered to us – and we’ve tested this time and time again – is a better location within seconds of the initial location coming to us. That’s a game changer for us.” – Athena Butler, Executive Director, Denver 9-1-1


Ready to Connect?

Follow these 3 quick steps to receive the RapidSOS Clearinghouse integration in your Rave 911 Suite, for free!

  1. Fill out the customer addendum here
  2. Your Rave representative will be in touch to update your license
  3. Rave will activate the integration