READY23 Recap: Building Safer Communities

by Thomas Prewett

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On November 1-2, RapidSOS held its annual public safety event, READY23. The two day event hosted thousands of public safety and technology leaders to explore and share how they’re making our communities safer with digital technology and data.

This year’s conference featured four tracks relating to public safety and technology: Thought Leadership, School Safety, Fire Response, and Security. Day 2 placed a special focus on First Responder Excellence, highlighting how the safety ecosystem is using technology to become more effective at keeping our communities safe.

Didn’t get a chance to attend READY23 live? Below you can find some of the top highlights:


Keynote: RapidSOS Founder Michael Martin in Conversation with Former United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen

During READY23’s keynote event, Michael and Admiral Michael Mullen, who served as the the 17th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, engaged in a powerful conversation about leadership, the challenges of AI, and the principles underlying success through difficult situations.

Track 1: Thought Leadership

During the READY23 thought leadership track, industry leaders discussed today’s issues related to the future of public safety. One sample session included:

How 4 FCC Chairmen View 911
Moderator Brian Fontes, CEO of NENA was joined by Tom Wheeler, Dennis R. Patrick, Julius Genachowski, and Ajit Pai in a discussion about the evolution of 911 and its upcoming shift from voice call-taking to real-time operational and information analysis functions.

They also touched on the primary obstacles currently confronting 911, and how augmented data and information can aid in addressing these critical challenges.

Track 2: School Safety

Track 2’s sessions on school safety highlighted how tech companies are working with school districts, commercial interests, and public safety to minimize risk and mitigate loss. One of the most highly attended sessions from this track included:

How AI is Being Used to Enhance School Safety
Zach Lavalley, EVP Engineering at RapidSOS hosted Rob Huberty, Co-Founder and COO, ZeroEyes; Barb Davidson, Director, Ingham County 911; and Chief Chris Rozman, MSU Dept of Public Safety for a discussion about how AI is currently being used on school campuses to boost situational awareness and operational efficiency during school emergencies. The conversation also provides a glimpse of AI’s potential, using large sets of data to proactively identify and prevent emergencies.

Track 3: Fire Response

Track 3 featured sessions focused on how technology is helping to revolutionize fire response across multiple fire types and situations from home and commercial fire to HAZMAT and EV-related events, enabling firefighters to better protect themselves and the communities they serve. One session covered:

Data, Tools & Training for Enhancing Hazmat Rail Response
Moderator Dan Seidberg was joined by RapidSOS Regional Manager Jen White and John Fleps, VP of Safety of Norfolk Southern to discuss tech advances that enable railroad companies to inform firefighters with rich information that leads to faster, better, and safer outcomes.

Track 4: Security

DIY home security technologies featured in track 4 are making it easier to protect and help families and communities to better protect their property and loved ones.

In one featured session, panelists discussed how recent innovations are helping senior citizens lead better, safer lives.

Transforming Home Care with Intelligent Caregiver Support
Moderator Marty Hebert, Head of Security, RapidSOS shared the mic with Jess Smith, VP of Business Development, Nomo Smart Care and Tina Buneta, ECC Director, Aurora 911 to discuss the “independent living landscape” and the challenges it presents to 911 and field responders. Learn how Nomo and RSOS partner together to strengthen the connection between independent living and emergency services.

“The panel session was a great platform to exchange ideas and insights with fellow experts and professionals in the field. I look forward to any future collaborations and the possibility of working together to advance the goals we discussed during the panel.”
-Tenea Reddick, 911 Director, Baltimore City

On-demand recordings are on YouTube

Interested in accessing more READY23 content? Check out the RapidSOS YouTube channel to view on-demand recordings of featured sessions from the event.