Reflections on Advancing Safety in 2022

by Michael Martin

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As we enter 2023, we reflect on the previous year and an increasingly challenged world.

With crime rising, a lingering pandemic, school shootings, and war in Ukraine — it is easy to let the media coverage of these events drive a narrative of challenge and suffering.

Yet amid these challenges, we found inspiration in the incredible stories of human caring and ingenuity. We witnessed the unwavering heroism of 911 in responding to hundreds of millions of emergencies over the past year.

For RapidSOS, we had the incredible privilege of supporting these heroes by connecting data from 500M+ connected devices, apps, and sensors from 90+ global technology companies to over 450,000 first responders across 15,000 agencies through the RapidSOS intelligent safety platform.

It is the relentless commitment of first responders to protecting their communities that drives our mission at RapidSOS to better connect the world to public safety. Here are some ways that we advanced that mission throughout 2022.

Product Innovation Supporting Faster, Data-Enriched Emergency Response

In 2022, RapidSOS launched new products that help 911 telecommunicators do their jobs more efficiently by providing them with greater situational awareness.

RapidSOS Premium provides one unified map for ECC operations – integrating an agency’s ANI/ALI data to show all digital alerts and emergency call types, plotted against an agency’s locally authoritative GIS data.

Additionally, Digital Alerts limit the need for a phone call to emergency services — transmitting data from devices, apps, sensors, and buildings to RapidSOS safety agents and 911 for a faster, verified, and more informed response

RapidSOS Safety instantly connects someone feeling unsafe to a highly trained RapidSOS safety agent who will facilitate an end-to-end response. Safety agents deliver rich, verified emergency data directly to 911 and provide a faster, more informed emergency response resulting in better outcomes – and safer communities.

Connecting New Data to 911 Through Partnerships with Technology Companies

This year, we partnered with over 90 technology companies, including Honeywell, Comcast, Instacart, Lemonade, and ecobee, offering their customers safety features powered by RapidSOS by connecting them with a safety agent during unsafe moments or first responders if emergency assistance is needed.

By connecting new data to 911, we are partnering to equip first responders with the critical information they need to quickly and appropriately respond to emergencies while delivering a lifeline to safety and security for our partners’ customers.

Helping First Responders Digitally Access Critical Information

Through our integrations and partnerships with IamResponding and Axon, telecommunicators and first responders can access data shared through the RapidSOS Platform when it is needed most.

For agencies using Axon Respond and the Axon Body 3, responder locations and live video from active and recording cameras will appear in RapidSOS. Through IamResponding, first responders can access critical data from RapidSOS before they arrive on the scene.

This means a more coordinated end-to-end response from the caller facing an emergency, to first responders in the field.

2022: A Year Driven By Purpose

Most importantly, this year, we continued to witness the tireless dedication and heroism of 911 telecommunicators and first responders in the wake of natural disasters, school violence, pandemics, wildfires, and more.

It is our nation’s first responders that give us the opportunity to do the work we love. With Purpose.

Michael Martin
CEO and co-founder of RapidSOS