#ShareYourSave, Stories from the Gold Line: Telecommunicators We’re Celebrating You!

by Hfbtech

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More than 250 million times a year, Americans call 9-1-1 in some of their darkest hours. Whether a car breaks down in the middle of a snowstorm, a family member experiences a heart attack or a home or business is broken into, we know help is just a phone call away.

We want to recognize the hard work that you, our unsung heroes in headsets, do every day. Telecommunicators, our nation’s first first responders, are the point of first contact during some of the most harrowing times in callers’ lives, and we know that you and your communities often take on that trauma as your own. With the launch of Share Your Save, we’re spotlighting the critical work that you do every day and celebrating the lives you’ve saved. 

With RapidSOS’s new Share Your Save program, we’re collecting stories from our selfless 9-1-1 telecommunicators across the nation, to tell people about how you have utilized RapidSOS data to keep your community members safe. It’s our chance to recognize and celebrate each of you, and show our gratitude for what you do to help save others.

How RapidSOS Empowers You  

In partnership with thousands of first responders, RapidSOS built the world’s first emergency response data platform to securely send rich, critical data from connected devices, sensors and monitoring systems and platforms to 9-1-1 during an emergency. Every week we receive dozens of stories from our network of 5,200 Emergency Communication Centers about how data from the RapidSOS Platform helped to save a life. 

With RapidSOS, your 9-1-1 agency has access to life-saving data, including

  • Accurate location data directly from the caller’s device, providing precision tracking even if callers are in motion 
  • Additional data from our RapidSOS Ready connected device partners, including vehicle crash data, building layouts, environmental warnings, and more 
  • Access to Emergency Health profile databases that can tell first responders more about patients’ medical history before they even reach the scene

We want to hear from you about times RapidSOS helped you to save a life using data from our partners. Here are some of the saves 9-1-1 operators have already shared:

RapidSOS and the Apple Health app rescued a confused elderly man 

A confused elderly man called 9-1-1 on his mobile phone, but was not able to provide his location. The dispatchers at the responding Emergency Communication Centers used quick thinking to aid the distressed caller. Within the RapidSOS Portal, dispatchers were able to view his precise location, along with his Apple Health information, including his age, address, medical conditions, medications, emergency contacts, and even his doctor’s information. 

With the rich additional data provided, police and EMS were dispatched to the exact location, the caller’s son was notified, and paramedics received his accurate medical history. According to Kirkwood PD, “The background information that was available allowed for us and EMS workers to provide a better assessment and better understanding of why the caller was confused. We were able to make the necessary notifications and have a more successful outcome.”

RapidSOS and an Apple Watch helped save an unconscious bicyclist

When a bicycle accident sent an individual off of his bike and onto the ground, he hit his head and became unconscious. His Apple Watch on his wrist detected a hard fall and in turn called 9-1-1 to report the incident. Dispatchers at the responding emergency communication center used RapidSOS Portal to receive information from the smart device. 

The bicyclist’s exact location at the time of the incident was used to dispatch police to his location, as well as the information that the user had had a hard fall. According to Director of Greenup County E-911, Buford Hurley, “He was unconscious when they arrived, so he couldn’t have called… it saved his life because the trauma caused a brain bleed and he could have died.”

RapidSOS, Uber’s Safety Toolkit, and an Uber driver saved a woman’s life

An Uber driver ended a ride when an intoxicated man became aggressive toward his girlfriend, but outside of the Uber vehicle, the man began hitting the woman and the car. Using the Safety Toolkit within the Uber app to call 9-1-1, the driver relayed details of the event and how the man had caused physical harm to the woman. At the responding emergency communication center, dispatchers used RapidSOS which automatically shared information about the make, model and license plate number of the Uber vehicle. 

First responders were enabled to arrive on scene within just four minutes of the initial 9-1-1 call. According to Athens-Clarke County Police Capt. Keith Kelley, “Getting the Uber vehicle information is important to us because people may not know the exact make and model of the Uber vehicle they’re riding in. This gives it to us electronically and we can get people to them that much faster.”

Share Your Save With RapidSOS

9-1-1 telecommunicators are highly trained individuals handling critical situations. It is a high-stress occupation that can feel like a thankless job at times. We’re so grateful to be here to support you in your tireless and selfless efforts to save lives.

We’re honored and excited to recognize your service, your selflessness, and your saves! To share a save or nominate a fellow telecommunicator, visit Share Your Save and submit your text, photos, or videos for each story you’d like to share. 

We know you put your mental, emotional, and even physical health on the line for your callers and first responders every day. With the Share Your Save program, we want to give you and your colleagues the recognition and gratitude you deserve. To learn more about Share Your Save or how to participate, visit the RapidSOS Share Your Save page, here