SimpliSafe and RapidSOS Launch Long-Term Partnership to Improve Professional Alarm Response

by Hfbtech

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RapidSOS is excited to announce our latest partnership with SimpliSafe, a global leader in smart home security solutions protecting millions of Americans. The partnership delivers life-saving data from SimpliSafe’s platform to first responders during a verified alarm incident – helping first responders provide a more effective data-driven response when SimpliSafe customers need it most.  

How it Works

Traditionally, when an alarm event is triggered, signals from SimpliSafe systems are sent to their monitoring centers, where a call is initiated to the homeowner to gather more details. These details, typically account information such as address, are then shared via phone call to a dedicated line at the local 9-1-1 call centers. This process can be time consuming and limit the information available to first responders as they perform their life-saving work. 

Through this partnership, information from SimpliSafe devices is now digitally routed to the local 911 center even before a phone call is placed, so they can then quickly deploy resources and share critical details so that first responders in the field can make data-driven decisions. Emergency intelligence data, including information customers disclose within their SimpliSafe profiles such as security and fire alarms, is more readily available to dispatchers and first responders so they can respond accordingly. 

SimpliSafe Lock

“Our mission is to make every home secure and delivering on that not only requires protecting our customers with award-winning technology backed by our monitoring professionals, but also ensuring that we have ongoing, two-way dialogue and the ability to electronically share critical data with public safety officials and first responders,” said  Christian Cerda, SimpliSafe CEO. “Our partnership with RapidSOS is revolutionizing communications with first responders, enabling tighter integration that will ultimately help protect our customers. We strive to deliver better home security for all, and this is the latest example of how we’re making that a reality.”  

Our Vision for the Future 

The partnership remains true to SimpliSafe’s commitment to customers’ privacy. Data will solely be used to deliver customers best-in-class protection. SimpliSafe and RapidSOS share in the mission of transforming emergency response and have future plans to explore data integrations that will continue to strengthen communication with emergency responders and benefit SimpliSafe customers. 

SimpliSafe data is already flowing in over 2,000 ECCs using RapidSOS nationwide, covering about 70 percent of the U.S. population and driving positive results for first responders and customers.

We received our first alert at 02:58 this morning. The alert came three minutes earlier than the telephone call. Looks like this service will have a dramatic impact on our response times.
– Union County, NJ

To learn more about the Simplisafe partnership read the full release here. To learn more about how to connect your device to ECCs nationwide, talk to an expert