SimpliSafe Data Now Available to Emergency Communication Centers through RapidSOS Portal

by Hfbtech

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RapidSOS is excited to announce our latest partnership with SimpliSafe, a global leader in smart home security solutions protecting millions of Americans. Information from SimpliSafe devices can now be sent directly to Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) via RapidSOS Portal, often before the phone call from the monitoring center even arrives. 

With this partnership, data from Simplisafe devices and other life-saving data from the RapidSOS Platform – including accurate, real-time location, alarm information, monitoring company information, emergency contacts, and emergency intelligence information – is displayed for 9-1-1 telecommunicators in one place -reducing call processing time with automatic delivery of data and helping telecommunicators to triage alarms quickly.

Traditionally, when an alarm event is triggered,  signals from SimpliSafe systems are sent to their monitoring centers, where a call is initiated to the homeowner to gather more details. These details are then shared via phone call to a dedicated line at the local 9-1-1 call centers. This process can be time consuming and limit the information available to first responders as they perform their life-saving work. 

“Our mission is to make every home secure and delivering on that not only requires protecting our customers with award-winning technology backed by our monitoring professionals, but also ensuring that we have ongoing, two-way dialogue and the ability to electronically share critical data with public safety officials and first responders,” said Christian Cerda, SimpliSafe CEO. 

With information from SimpliSafe devices now digitally sent to the local 9-1-1 center, often before a phone call is placed, they can share critical information and deploy the right resources quickly. Emergency intelligence data, including information customers disclose within their SimpliSafe profiles, is more readily available to dispatchers and first responders so they can respond accordingly and make data-driven decisions in the field.  

Supplemental Data Available to Emergency Communication Centers

With improved situational awareness, 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders can make faster and smarter decisions. The data outlined below is available immediately when an incident occurs, so it can be consistently relayed through each department and responder throughout the emergency.

  • Accurate location
  • Alarm information (such as the alarm description, incident time, zone information, premises phone number and additional information where available such as the alarm permit number, cross street, pets, etc.)
  • Alarm monitoring company information (company name and callback number)
  • Emergency contacts (name, phone number)

How can Emergency Communication Centers access this data?

SimpliSafe information can be accessed in RapidSOS Portal if your agency has Jurisdiction View. If you don’t have access to RapidSOS Portal yet, sign up for your agency’s free account here. If you already have an account and are interested in using Jurisdiction View, please reach out to to learn more about your Emergency Communication Center’s eligibility and how to access this free feature in RapidSOS. 

Where is SimpliSafe Data Available in RapidSOS Portal?

SimpliSafe information will be listed in the queue under the Alerts tab by most recent and will automatically populate in the queue and on the map. Telecommunicators can automatically receive supplemental alarm data with a 10-digit call from alarm monitoring companies reporting an alarm activation. The phone call will be placed by the alarm monitoring company, using their existing telephony systems, just as they do today.

Selecting an alert in the queue or on the map will open the event pane. The event pane header includes the physical address, latitude/longitude location, and the time the alert was sent to the Emergency Communication Center. The Data Card includes information about the alarm event, plus any additional applicable information available.

SimpliSafe Data Card

Seconds save lives in an emergency. With the appropriate data, first responders can receive critical information about the nature and severity of an emergency before arriving on scene, regardless of the caller’s ability to articulate those details. This will not only help improve response time, but also support first responders in getting the appropriate help to the caller in need efficiently.

“We received our first alert at 02:58 this morning. The alert came three minutes earlier than the telephone call. Looks like this service will have a dramatic impact on our response times. 

– Union County, NJ

To learn more about how you can access alarm data within RapidSOS Portal reach out to your ECC Engagement Manager or contact us at