SiriusXM Connect brings industry-leading ACN+ safety technology to automakers across North America through RapidSOS expansion

by Thomas Prewett

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ACN+ (Advanced Automatic Crash Notification) Powered by RapidSOS digitally delivers critical incident and vehicle crash data directly to 911 centers nationwide, allowing first responders to make faster, more informed decisions to help save more lives.

Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc. announced its next-generation ACN+ technology– powered by RapidSOS, an intelligent safety company–will now be included as part of its emergency service platform for all vehicles with compatible embedded telematics equipment.

After a collision, it can be difficult or impossible for drivers and passengers to effectively communicate with 911 over the phone, adding more time and possibly lethal consequences to the situation. ACN+ minimizes the amount of information that must be verbally communicated, and shares digital information with first responders that enables them to take right action, fast. 

“The expanded relationship between SiriusXM Connect and RapidSOS is a significant development for the industry. This action enables emergency responders’ access to ACN+ data directly covering more vehicles on the road.  This will empower responders to make faster decisions on the necessary resources required at the scene,” said Brian Fontes, CEO NENA: The 9-1-1 Association. 

ACN+ provides industry-leading emergency response by sharing critical data with 911 call centers digitally, minimizing the amount of information that must be verbally communicated to first responders.  This enables automakers to expand their safety and security service offering, ensuring drivers receive timely emergency care that could save lives.

“We are committed to continuously improving emergency response for drivers across the country, and by expanding our relationship with RapidSOS we are enabling vehicles on our platform to have access to technology that can help to save lives,” said Steve Coker, Senior Vice President at SiriusXM Connect.

ACN+ powered by RapidSOS digitally provides automated, enhanced safety information and offers the opportunity to collaborate with automakers to expand data fields as they become available, allowing crash and other critical data, including when authorized by customers, medical profile information, to be delivered to 911 in the workflows they use every day. 

“Together, SiriusXM Connect and RapidSOS now provide more than 16,000 public safety agencies that cover 99% of the U.S. population with life-saving contextual data like location, speed, impact,” said Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS.  “Additionally, we have the capabilities to provide this vital data to Canada and Mexico, helping more than 1 million field responders across North America.”

SiriusXM Connect will offer ACN+ Powered by RapidSOS standard on all compatible equipped vehicles covered by an active connected vehicle subscription for this enhanced safety feature by March 2024.