Spotlight Intern Edition: Nihar Sheth

by Hfbtech

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Today I chatted up summer intern Nihar Sheth about his startup, Indian dance troupe, and Pokémon Go.


Q: What do you study?

A:  I study Economics and Management at Wharton.

Q: When not being a typical Wharton student, how do you spend your time during the year?

A:  I’m in an Indian dance troupe called Penn Masti, which takes up a lot of my time. I also help run a start up at school.

Q: Were you always a talented dancer?

A: Ha, no. I never danced before college, and I’m still not a talented dancer but it’s fun and I’ve met a lot of cool people through it. 

Q: So tell me about your startup.

A: It’s called Slice Capital, and it’s basically a kickstarter for startups. It allows everyday people to invest in and buy shares of startup companies. The reason this is so revolutionary is because until this past May, the SEC didn’t allow anyone with an income of less than $200,000 to invest. So initially only the top 1% could invest, but now anyone can, and we want to make that as simple as possible. 

Q: What interested you about RapidSOS?

A: I’ve been interested in startups and tech, particularly the social impact of technology and entrepreneurship. RapidSOS is a great intersection of all of these things, and working on my own startup freshman year, I knew that I wanted to work for a more established startup during the summer. Plus, working in New York City has given me the opportunity to explore the city.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at RapidSOS this summer?

A: The very lax culture – everyone is super chill and friendly but at the same time, people work really hard. Everyone understands their responsibilities and while they have fun, people still get their work done to help solve this very important problem.

Q: Favorite thing you’ve done for fun this summer?

A: Just general exploring, like Central Park, the Highline, Smorgasburg, and other less touristy places. Recently my exploration has been greatly amplified by Pokémon Go, so I’ll go to new places to try to catch ’em all. 

Q: Anything else you have to say about Pokémon Go?

A: It’s lit. 

Q: Finally, what’s worse: being the shortest person in the office, or being the youngest person in the office?

A: First of all, age is just a number. Also, Jiji [our IP intern] is actually the shortest. 

Nihar Sheth publicly endorses the mission of team Valor.