Spotlight Partner Edition: Survive2Thrive

by Hfbtech

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In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this week’s partner spotlight is on the Survive2Thrive Foundation. Answers to questions are by Courtney Santana, Executive Director of Survive2Thrive.
Q: When and why was Survive2Thrive founded?
A: 2011; It was founded because of the growing epidemic of survivors and their children not being able to get access to their local shelter due to overcrowding.
Q: What is Survive2Thrive’s mission?
A: Our mission is to provide life-changing resources to domestic violence survivors who have been turned away from their local shelters and to create a sustainable recovery path to self-sufficiency for all survivors of domestic violence. Our program goals for the worthy survivors we support are: Safety and Stabilization, Resource Management, Confidence Building, and Self Sufficiency and Independence.
Q: What is the most common myth you’d like to dispel about domestic violence?
A: Every survivor of domestic violence does not have access to their local shelter. Because of lack of space, there are many survivors who are turned away. For those that get out of shelter, many have not developed past the the point of leaving their violence and because they lack direction and a plan of action, they never truly recover fully and struggle.

Q: How do you see RapidSOS technology helping Survive2Thrive’s mission?

A: RapidSOS technology will help survivors of domestic violence and abuse by giving them another tool to secure their safety and share their level of danger with local law enforcement. S2T feels this vital technology will encourage survivors to seek help during dangerous and life threatening episodes.

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