Spotlight: Zubair Hassan

by Hfbtech

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This week’s team member spotlight is on Zubair Hassan, iOS Developer. Check out the full post to learn more about Zubair’s experience at RapidSOS and the awesome apps he has developed!


Q: Where did you go to school?

A: University of Massachusetts, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Q: What is your position at RapidSOS?

A:  iOS Developer

Q: Why did you want to work at RapidSOS?

A: I really believe in the mission. RapidSOS Haven seemed to be the far most critical iPhone app that I have seen created to date. I haven’t seen anyone else creating an app that can help save lives.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: I would say the people that I work with. There is a lot of youth and energy here and it is a really fun environment to work in. 

Q: Outside of RapidSOS, what is the most interesting project you have ever worked on?

A: I architected and implemented the virtualized infrastructure for the IRS. This infrastructure handles all the efiles in the country. 

Q: What other apps have you developed?

A: I have developed 3 other apps: Pizza Bomb, Sweetlicious and Foodlicious.









1. In Pizza Bomb you are “Chef Zube” and you are trying to make a pizza delivery. There are 5 levels so you start off at the pizza shop and you have to catch as many pizzas and coins as possible while avoiding the bombs. The more points you score the closer you get to the delivery location.


2. Sweetlicious is a dessert navigation app that helps you find decadent desserts near you. 


3. Foodlicious helps you find hearty foods in the area. It has hamburgers, pizza, chinese food, and all the other basic foods you would need. It is launching this week on the app store.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at RapidSOS?

A: I am most looking forward to launching Haven to the public. It will be awesome seeing it released to the app store. 

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