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Tech for 911 Episode 3
The Emergency Intelligence Data that Public Safety Wants

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Jamison Peevyhouse
Director of Customer Success

Michelle Potts
Communications Manager
Chandler Police Department

Amy Marion
Customer Success Manager

Jim Lake
Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch Center


Tech for 911 Episode 2
The Emergency Intelligence Data that Public Safety Wants

Emergency intelligence data, sometimes called additional data, is becoming top of mind for forward-thinking Emergency Communication Centers. First responders need it to arrive on scene faster and more informed so that they can make data-driven decisions to improve emergency outcomes.

But what exactly is emergency intelligence data and why is it important to the public safety community? In this episode of Tech for 911, we’ll explore the use cases of additional data during emergencies, and how leading technology innovators are connecting their life-saving data to protect both customers and communities.

We’ll talk to industry leaders about the importance of incident-specific emergency intelligence data during emergencies.

Key takeaways include:
– What are the different types of emergency intelligence data and where does it come from?
– Which types of emergency intelligence data are the most valuable to 911 and why?
– How does emergency intelligence data empower faster, more efficient emergency response?

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About RapidSOS

RapidSOS built the emergency response data platform to help first responders receive the data they need to save lives. We help some of the world’s largest companies and organizations share data from their connected devices, platforms, and sensors, directly with first responders, to protect their people in emergencies.

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