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Jamison Peevyhouse

Jamison Peevyhouse
Director of Customer Success

Kieran Carroll

Kieran Carroll
Chief of Staff

Captain Don Redmond
Police Captain
Chula Vista Police Department

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Episode 4: Why Security Companies Connect Data to 911

Tune in LIVE on May 12, 2021 @ 2pm EDT

Tech for 911 Episode 4:
Why Security Companies Connect Data to 911

As a result of the unprecedented events of 2020, safety is top of mind for consumers and businesses alike. Innovative security companies are connecting their data to 911 to ensure their customers are protected when they need it most. However, finding the right partner to connect security data to 911 can be a challenge. Unlike in other industries, factors such as how threat detection and alarm data is received by 911 telecommunicators need to be heavily weighted in making a decision. So how do you find a solution that streamlines the response process and better protects your customers and community in an emergency?

In this webinar, we’ll talk about the importance of sharing security data directly with 911 and tips for evaluating best-in-class solutions.

Key takeaways include:

What are the benefits to sharing data directly with public safety?

How do innovative threat detection solutions empower faster and more efficient emergency response?

How can security companies enhance their products by establishing a direct data link with emergency services?

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RapidSOS built the emergency response data platform to help first responders receive the data they need to save lives. We help some of the world’s largest companies and organizations share data from their connected devices, platforms, and sensors, directly with first responders, to protect their people in emergencies.