Your customer’s safety matters


Powering your most important safety features

Powering your most important safety features

RapidSOS is an intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from your connected devices, apps and buildings to RapidSOS safety agents, 911 and first responders globally.

How we keep your customers safe

Person in need

Device activated
digital alert sent
RapidSOS safety agent
Data verified
safety agent received

911 telecommunicator

911 escalated
shares with first responder


First responder

First responder dispatched
help is on the way

Delivering safety and security, together

Protecting customers, employees and communities is all of our jobs. Here are the key benefits when your company partners with RapidSOS:


Essential connection

Provide critical data directly to public safety for a faster, more accurate emergency response.

Scalable & flexible integration

Easily embed key safety features into your product or service through a single API.

Pioneering capabilities

Stand out with a differentiated and comprehensive safety offering.

Why RapidSOS

When your devices and services are RapidSOS Ready, you’ll provide unmatched safety and security features during unsafe moments or emergencies.

Hear from our public safety partners and share this important message with your own audiences.

More information by industry

Apps, wearables and PERS

Connected buildings
Home security
Connected vehicles

Your safety partner in any situation

RapidSOS powers your products’ most important safety features. In unsafe moments or emergencies, it delivers critical data through digital alerts to RapidSOS safety agents, 911 and first responders.

Partnering with the world’s most innovative companies

devices, apps and sensors linked to emergency services

RapidSOS named 2022 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year

Steven Lopez, Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Analyst shares RapidSOS’ best practices for connected mobility companies in North America.

Frost and Sullivan award

Technology and people working together to keep local
communities safe. Join us.