Happy National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week!

by Hfbtech

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What is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week?

Each year, during the second week of April, telecommunications personnel in the public safety community are honored. This time meant to thank and celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to serving the public. The concept was first introduced in 1981, and, though it took place again in 1993, it became permanent in 1994. 


Why is this so important?

Telecommunicators’ commitment is invaluable, and this is an opportune time to reflect on their important role as the “first, first responder”. Every day they listen and assist in some of the worst experiences of people’s lives, making their job one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. Over 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 every year – and they are the ones responding to them. Because dispatchers’ roles are the link between the person experiencing an emergency and the emergency service crew, their job is full of pressure and challenges. 

What can I do this week?

Say thank you! It may not seem like much, but being appreciative means the world to our dispatchers.  They are so passionate about helping others, but all too often they hear people at their most distressed moments – so the least we can do is appreciate them during this week. Encourage them to tell their story here and here. It’ll help raise awareness of their important and oft forgotten job.

If you are a dispatcher reading this, be proud of your job. Celebrate yourself!

There are ways to be grateful for our dispatchers every day, not just this week! Check out more ways to show your support. Join the thankyou911 movement today! 

From our team to yours, thank you Public Safety Telecommunicators!