Webinar Series

Tech for 911

Tech for 911 is a new webinar series where host Jamison Peevyhouse, Director of Customer Success at RapidSOS, sits down with industry experts, first responders, and thought leaders to explore how our emergency response system really works, and how the private sector is stepping up to protect communities worldwide.

Jamison Peevyhouse
Director of Customer Success at RapidSOS

With 25+ years of experience within public safety and 9-1-1 operations, Jamison has a life-long mission to grow cultures of compassion and collaboration within public safety organizations. He previously His commitment to servant-based leadership and communication skills are evidenced by his impact throughout the 9-1-1 industry.

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Episode 2

How to integrate your data with 911

Episode two explores how companies can work with 911 to keep our people and communities safe. However, despite the common sense behind it, working with public safety can be complicated. We’ll be joined by Gordon Casey from Brave Technology Coop, for a conversation about how companies can integrate their data and service with 911

Episode 1

How is data changing emergency response?

Host Jamison Peevyhouse sits down with Charles Cullen, Director Of Technical Services at UCSF Police Department for a discussion about some of the largest challenges facing 911 emergency services today, and what they’re doing to solve them.