My Top 10 from 2016!

by Hfbtech

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2016 top 10-01.png

Wow  what a year! From new team members and a new office, to thousands of miles of travel and new partnerships, 2016 was undeniably the most interesting and exciting year yet for RapidSOS. Here’s my top 10:


Adding 20 new team members and several new investors and advisors, including two former FCC Chairmen and the former CEO of Raytheon.




Meeting our top investor with bug bites all over my face after staying at a cheap hotel the night before…



Traveling over 100,000 miles to meet partners across the world – including one eight day stretch that took me from New York to Boston, Istanbul, Seoul, Seattle, Phoenix, and Minneapolis.






Moving into a new office with 4x the space of our old place!



Being named “Start-Up of the Year” by the Consumer Technology Association, the world’s largest tech association representing over 2,200 technology companies. 



Joining the White House Data-Driven Justice Initiative to help partner states and municipalities understand how they can best allocate resources to enhance emergency response and better serve citizens in need. 




Expanding our technology platform to ingest data from any connected device and showcasing the ability to transmit real-time health information and vehicle telematics to first responders in an emergency. 



Meeting thousands of public safety experts and speaking at over a dozen 9-1-1 conferences across the United States.




Signing 44 partners across sectors  expanding our reach to over 100 million Americans.



Transforming thousands of emergencies across the United States following our June 2016 launch.

RapidSOS Time Square.jpg

More than ever, I am reminded that no great change occurs without a community  a group of people with a shared passion and commitment. In 2016, we found that community in thousands of public safety officials who worked with us on our technology, with a team that worked relentlessly to build this technology, and with partners and investors that works with us to integrate the technology into applications, devices, and services touching millions.

So here’s to a great 2016 and an even greater 2017 ahead!