Top 5 Safety Apps for Parents to Protect their Children in 2015

by Hfbtech

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My 8-year-old son is at his best friend’s house while I am at work. He is playing video games and is so excited trying to beat his friend that he does not notice when his breathing pattern changes. A few minutes later he collapses, and the nanny calls 911.

Meanwhile, I am sitting at work with no way of knowing what has happened. More than 20 minutes later, I get a call from the hospital. I am glad my son is ok, but I am not…

I cannot stop thinking about what could have happened and why I could not know that my child’s life was in danger. I think to myself, “Technology should be able to help… isn’t there an app for that?”


Well, there is! In fact, there are plenty of apps out there that will help keep your children safe, but the following are five of my favorites.

The top 5 most valuable safety apps for parents to take care of their children in 2015:

1. ICE Standard


Puts medical information and emergency contacts on a phone’s lock screen for EMTs to access.

  • Also displays name, address, and photo verification of the individual
  • Color coding reflects medical information in a visual way
  • Works with Smart911 to send medical information to dispatchers

Free and available for iPhone and Android at

2. RapidSOS Haven


Transmits important information to 911 with the touch of a button and alerts loved ones. 

  • Obtains location from mobile device
  • Sends key information to 911 through any media (WiFi, Bluetooth, SMS, etc.)
  • Alerts emergency contacts of the situation
  • Eliminates need to talk to a dispatcher to get help

Free to download with multiple subscription plans options and free introductory periods. Available for iPhone and Android at

3. Footprints


Knows where your children are at all times.

  • Locates your childrens’ phones
  • Has your childrens’ friends confirm the location of your children
  • Establishes geofences and sends notifications when these are crossed

Free to download with monthly subscription fee. Available for iPhone and iPad at

4. Canary


Motivates family members to drive safely.

  • Knows when teenager is texting or tweeting while driving
  • Sends alert when a call is made or answered behind the wheel
  • Incorporates maximum speed limits and alerts when surpassed
  • Notifies if teen is outside established zones

Free and available for iPhone and Android at

5. Mobile Guardian


Makes sure your child is using technology correctly.

  • Monitors use of apps
  • Prevents web access of inappropriate content
  • Establishes time periods for cell phone usage

Free with upgrade features. Available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry at