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RapidSOS is transforming 911

The emergency response system was built on the limited context a phone call can provide, which often delays dispatch and under-informs first responders. RapidSOS delivers critical, real-time data to 911 to empower smarter and faster emergency response.

For Technology Companies

RapidSOS Connect:
Integrating life-saving data

To protect their customers and members, our partners access the RapidSOS platform through our three modular products: RapidSOS Data Connect, Voice + Data Connect, and Monitoring + Data Connect.

Each product is designed to meet our partner’s needs, whether they’re sharing health profiles with 911, or supporting their professional monitoring centers with emergency data.

For Public Safety

RapidSOS Portal:
Transforming public safety worldwide

RapidSOS Portal is a web-based tool that enables agencies to access location and intelligent data during emergencies, as well as a real-time view of emergencies in their jurisdiction.

We offer RapidSOS Portal for free to all Emergency Communication Centers in the countries we serve.

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Our Leadership
is making the world safer

Inspired by the heroic work of tens of thousands of first responders worldwide, our team has spent the past eight years partnering with public safety organizations to build technology that empowers stronger, safer communities.