Vismo and RapidSOS Partner to Enhance Lone Worker Safety

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Vismo and RapidSOS Partner to Enhance Lone Worker Safety 

Vismo and RapidSOS’ partnership focuses on providing situational information of lone workers in an incident, through real-time audio recordings and a connection to RapidSOS Safety Agents and local emergency responders when employees feel unsafe or are in an emergency.


York, England  – March 21, 2023 ー Vismo, a leading provider of employee tracking, monitoring and safety solutions, today announced a partnership with RapidSOS, the intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from over 500 million connected devices , apps and sensors directly to RapidSOS Safety Agents, 911 and first responders.

The partnership provides Vismo’s customers’  with more immediate access to RapidSOS Safety Agents and first responders, at the press of a button, whenever and wherever they feel unsafe or are in an emergency. With this partnership, Vismo receives the RapidSOS Ready designation, meaning it joins a network of companies sharing data through the RapidSOS Platform with  public safety to provide faster, data-enriched emergency response.

“Any response delay can be costly or put the employee at greater risk,” says Vismo CEO Craig Swallow. “Our partnership sees Vismo use RapidSOS technology to address this issue and gather data and information to provide extra context to an incident. In return, app users are better protected with a more immediate and appropriate response from the emergency or other services.”

How it Works
The solution works for those customer employees who have downloaded the Vismo App on their phone or other device (tablet, satellite phone or satellite tracker). When the panic button is pressed, the app will automatically send a user’s name, contact information, precise location and a 10-second audio clip of the ensuing situation to RapidSOS Safety Agents.  

“This real-time collaboration assists at-risk employees more effectively,” says Swallow. “Any or all of this can be crucial to ensuring a positive outcome for those at risk and also helps reduce reputational brand damage and other costs for the employer.” 

“RapidSOS partners with innovative companies like Vismo to help their users not only feel safe, but be safe,” said Michael Martin, CEO and Co-founder of RapidSOS. “With safety becoming an important feature across technology products and apps, we applaud Vismo for providing RapidSOS Safety Agents and 911 with actionable data that enables a faster and smarter emergency response to protect lone workers.”

The app is available for use, with immediate effect, to all Vismo employers in the U.S., regardless of their geographical location. Vismo is proven worldwide and used by many Fortune 500 companies, which use it to ensure the safety of their nationally and globally traveling staff. 

The Vismo and RapidSOS solution will become available in March 2023. To learn more about how you can leverage this solution, visit:

About Vismo
Established in 2012 with offices in York, UK, and New Jersey, USA, Vismo provides location monitoring and safety solutions to more than 300 client organizations, helping protect more than 450,000 Vismo App users globally. To learn more about how we manage and mitigate risks, visit

About RapidSOS
In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from over 500 million connected devices, apps and sensors directly to safety agents, 911 and first responders. To learn more about our technology that’s creating life-saving connections, visit


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