Connect your wearables
to first responders

Send user-profile, location, and fall detection data directly to first responders in emergencies via wearables

Connect your
Wearable Devices
to First Responders

Send user-profile, location, and fall detection data directly to first responders in emergencies.

Wearables data shows on first responders software screen
Wearable data available for first responders through RapidSOS
RapidSOS and Wearables

Bridge the gap between digital health and public health

SOS features can send health, medical, and demographics from panic buttons, health monitoring devices and wearables to 911, monitoring centers and caregivers.

Power up your panic buttons and safety features


Share life-saving profile and health data when alerts are triggered

Stand out from the crowd


Differentiate your wearables with industry-leading safety features

Be there when it counts


Give your customers peace of mind by helping when they need it most

How it works

Deliver a faster, smarter
emergency response

01 Alarm_Icon

Medical event triggers the device SOS button


Data is sent directly to 911 or monitoring center through the RapidSOS platform


911 accesses life-saving information the moment the call comes in

  • CTO and Co-founder at LiveFreely,
    "This partnership with RapidSOS extends our focus on creating a health ecosystem that can provide families with greater peace of mind and increased independence."
    CTO and Co-founder at LiveFreely,
    Daniel Jue
eBook: Ultimate Guide to Integrating your Business with Public Safety

Find out how to integrate your wearable with public safety

Finding the right safety solution for your business can be just as tough as the challenges you’re looking to solve. In the process of building the world’s first emergency response data platform that supports over 250 million emergencies each year, RapidSOS has experienced and overcome those challenges – and we’ll share those learnings with you.

RapidSOS Ready

Are you ready
to help protect lives?

Together with innovative companies certified as RapidSOS Ready, we’re supporting our heroic first responders in saving millions of lives annually.

RapidSOS is a data, voice and monitoring solution that is customized for innovative companies – from industries like wearables, apps, home and commercial security, healthcare, automotive, telecom, and insurance – to connect their life-saving data directly to 911 nationwide.

Learn more about our emergency response data platform, and talk to one of our experts today.