For many years, 911 has been promised “additional data.” What does data actually mean, how does it impact workflows, staffing and policy decisions, and how can we overcome the fear of new data?

In this episode of RapidSOS Insider, join Chandler Police Department Communications Manager, Michelle Potts, to learn how to adopt a culture that optimizes data to drive a more informed response. Michelle discusses the challenges of technology adoption and the different types of tools and data available to Emergency Communications Centers today. This on-demand webinar gives you the chance to hear real-life examples of how the Chandler Police Department harnesses next generation 911 technology and leverages out-of-the-box thinking to save lives.

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: RapidSOS Insider Episode 2: From ‘Data Who?’ to ‘Data Please!’ –  Changing ECC Culture with the Visualization of Data. Watch on-demand now.

The Chandler Police Department takes a regionalized approach to information sharing with the 25 local Emergency Communications Centers in the Phoenix metropolitan area. They have found that there are existing factors that influence technology adoption, such as the type of Emergency Communications Center, city culture, organizational leadership, unions/associations, and the size of the Emergency Communications Center. Michelle discusses the two major culture changes that have to happen in order for technology adoption to be successful: how technology is implemented and how it is utilized once it has been implemented.

Michelle shares the success the Chandler Police Department has experienced utilizing Lean methodology – they deploy fast, learn along the way, and ensure the technology fits within the big picture. This webinar shows how having one priority with your data and taking advantage of rapid communication and iterative learning allows for Emergency Communications Centers to see success early and for that success to continue to breed future success.

This approach has allowed them to continue adopting new data types with great enthusiasm and curiosity. View the webinar now to learn how you can also create a data-driven culture that is focused on data visualizations in ECCs and public safety agencies.