Why DataTech911 Became RapidSOS Ready: Providing More Accurate Location and Patient Information to EMS

by Hfbtech

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by Michael Salonish, Chief Product Officer


Michael Salonish is the Chief Product Officer for DataTech911 solutions. He has been involved in the public safety space since 2009.

Who is DataTech911?

Software solutions by DataTech911 streamline emergency response by providing secure real-time data-sharing and analytics. Emergency response teams can respond to incidents more effectively and with greatly improved situational awareness. Interfacing directly with 9-1-1 systems, our software solutions enable emergency response teams to coordinate efforts with Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and other response agencies.


What challenge is DataTech911 aiming to solve?

DataTech911’s goal is to bridge the data gap between ECCs and their public safety response partners.

Sharing CAD information between agencies can be challenging for several different reasons, including outdated communications technology, security, and performance. DataTech911’s FirstResponse911 monitors an ECC CAD and, based on complex filtering and distribution rules, routes CAD incident data to response agencies. Our FirstResponse911 solution reduces phone calls between response agencies, improves call entry and response time, and prevents errors that occur when transferring emergency call data verbally.

FirstResponse911 RapidSOS Integration

FirstResponse911 RapidSOS Integration

Safety of response personnel is another challenge FirstResponse911 addresses. With the ability to notify EMS and other response agencies on keywords (e.g., violent scene, weapon, downed power line) that are entered into the CAD narrative as the ECC takes a 9-1-1 call, FirstResponse911 provides real-time updates on what they will encounter at the scene.


What is the DataTech911 and RapidSOS solution?

For 9-1-1 calls made from a cell phone, FirstResponse911 supplements the 9-1-1 incident data recorded by the ECC with data from the RapidSOS emergency response data platform. This data may include the location of the caller, health and medical information, connected building and alarm data, and more. Tying data shared through the RapidSOS Platform to the 9-1-1 incident allows both the ECC and the responding agency to see the original CAD information and RapidSOS data on a single interface in FirstResponse911. 

FirstResponse911 Tying Data to CAD

FirstResponse911 – Tying Data from RapidSOS to CAD Incident Data

Why did DataTech911 become RapidSOS Ready?

The primary information that needs to be shared between an ECC and its public safety partners is the CAD data. However, a significant number of 9-1-1 calls originate from wireless callers and we were looking for a partner who had the capability to provide more accurate location information to augment the ECC CAD data. A bonus was the availability of additional data from companies such as MedicAlert, available to 9-1-1 on the RapidSOS Platform, which gives ECCs the ability to provide EMS with critical patient information before they arrive on the scene.


What is DataTech911 looking forward to in this partnership?

Connecting the ECC CAD incident with the associated data from the RapidSOS Platform empowers public safety with unprecedented situational awareness and is an exciting addition to the FirstResponse911 platform. The accurate smartphone location provided by RapidSOS has improved response especially for our more rural customers.

Sharing the additional information from RapidSOS’s data partners also has great potential to augment our efforts to provide the best available information for a specific incident before responders reach the scene. As the RapidSOS Platform evolves and incorporates supplemental data from other data providers, we are excited to make an even bigger impact in the public safety market. 

To learn more about our partnership, read our press release here

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