Why e-BodyGuard Became RapidSOS Ready: Sending Pre-Call Data to 911

by Hfbtech

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by Melissa Faith Hart, Founder & CEO


After 17 years in corporate America and serving on multiple criminal justice non-profit boards, Melissa Faith Hart co-pioneered eDiscovery for the State of Colorado. Through her work with the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and earning a Green Belt in the Lean Six Sigma business process, she implements System Change Design Process. Melissa and her innovative team are now bringing e-BodyGuard in the market – a product that speeds up due process in the criminal justice system.

Who is e-BodyGuard?

e-BodyGuard provides a software-as-a-service model, with two patents pending.  There are three components:  e-BodyGuard Versatile, an app for the community,  e-BodyGuard Versatile Highway, which transmits digital evidence and discovery to law enforcement, and the e-BodyGuard Versatile Vault for storage and access of this data. 

e-BodyGuard’s Smart Discovery Platform is an FBI CJIS compliant, vendor-agnostic integrated platform. e-BodyGuard collects digital evidence and discovery from the community and ensures its integrity all the way through to the court system.  The digital evidence and discovery flow through without human intervention, ensuring that chain of custody is secure and evidence is admissible in US Courts of Law. eBodyGuard’s automated data transmission is far more efficient than systems that require manual processes and involve siloed systems that don’t communicate.

e-BodyGuard maintains, retains, and grows client relationships by receiving and responding to 360 client feedback loops. 


What challenge is e-BodyGuard aiming to solve?

e-BodyGuard addresses the “first five minutes” of a person’s call to 911 – before a first responder arrives on the scene.  This crucial five minutes can make a life-or-death difference and may determine how the caller lives out the rest of their life.

A caller can touch the 911 button or simply say, “e-BodyGuard Now” when their phone is within 30 feet of their voice. Voice-activated calling is a lifesaver in situations where the caller may not be able to reach their phone.

If a crime has occurred, digital evidence such as GPS location, ambient audio is captured. In addition, if the caller has previously stored information in e-BodyGuard’s Safety Card about someone they fear, this is automatically conveyed to the first responders. In cases of domestic violence, this can be the most crucial evidence collected for swift due process.

e-BodyGuard starts collecting and transmitting this critical data even before a first responder arrives on the scene.  e-BodyGuard automates the collection of this data and protects the chain of custody.  This data becomes objective evidence in a court proceeding, solving problems such as he said/she said and complex domestic violence disputes.  The digital evidence and discovery that is collected can make the difference between success and failure of the case, and how quickly the case can be cleared.


What is the e-BodyGuard and RapidSOS solution? 

The e-BodyGuard and RapidSOS partnership provides a platform to begin collecting digital evidence and discovery from the time a 911 call is initiated, even before first responders arrive on the scene. As soon as a call is initiated, the data that has been entered into the Safety Card is transmitted to the ebodyguardpublicsafety.com portal where it can be viewed by first responders. This feature is made possible because of this partnership. This partnership provides an integrated and supportive tool for protecting the caller’s most valuable data in their most vulnerable moments.

The eDiscovery starts with the data that an e-BodyGuard Versatile subscriber enters into the Safety Card. When a 911 call is initiated, the data travels through the RapidSOS portal into ebgpublicsafety.com and then on to law enforcement systems.


Why did e-BodyGuard become RapidSOS Ready? 

e-BodyGuard chose to integrate with RapidSOS because the emergency operations community trusts them more than any other provider to display a caller’s location and so that 911 responders can find them in their most vulnerable moment. 


What is e-BodyGuard looking forward to in this partnership?

e-BodyGuard and RapidSOS are growing a sustainable partnership that the community can count on.  Law enforcement and 911 authorities provide support in sensitive and complicated emergency situations; our partnership helps provide life-changing and life-saving outcomes when people are in vulnerable situations

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