Why Exacom Became RapidSOS Ready: Equipping Public Safety With Rich Data Through Recording Solutions

by Hfbtech

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by Hannah Slaven, Customer Advocate and Marketing Manager


Hannah Slaven serves as Customer Advocate and Marketing Manager at Exacom. She helps Exacom understand the needs of their public safety customers, so that their recording solutions bring real-world, tangible benefits to their users. As a newcomer to the public safety sector, Hannah has been humbled and inspired by the passion, sacrifices, and work ethic she has seen exhibited by public safety personnel. It’s become her personal mission to do her absolute best work for them, as a “thank you” for their dedication to our communities.

Who is Exacom? 

Exacom has been providing multimedia (analog, RoIP, VoIP, text /SMS, and screen capture) logging and recording solutions to public safety for over 30 years. Thousands of their recorders have been installed at the city, county, and state level.

The recording solutions offered by Exacom are some of the most flexible and scalable in the industry. Their unique software and recording acquisitions can be used to provide a single, interoperable solution across many different emergency communication sites or agencies. With standard real-time fault monitoring and plenty of redundancy options, Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) can rely on the uptime of their recorder. Easy built-in features like instant recall, over 14 search/filter methods, bookmarking, tagging, redaction, and export allow telecommunicators and supervisors to perform their jobs seamlessly.

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Exacom is based in Concord, NH. They are highly involved in NENA, APCO, iCERT, and the L3Harris Mission Critical Alliance (MCA). In 2020, they were recognized on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.


What challenge is Exacom aiming to solve?

Usually, logging recorders aren’t needed until something goes wrong. However, when they are needed, they can play a key role in determining what actually happened to enable transparency and have the evidence needed for any legal, internal, or other purposes. Exacom’s mission is to leverage best-in-class technology to make sure that every communication (regardless of what type during an emergency: call, radio transmission, SMS, metadata, etc.) gets securely recorded and can be reviewed in a meaningful way. 


What is the Exacom and RapidSOS solution? 

For Emergency Communications Centers using RapidSOS Portal, data available through the RapidSOS Platform is visible during live emergency calls. The Exacom and RapidSOS joint solution allows agencies to securely store available information from the RapidSOS Platform about a 911 caller with the recorded audio from the call, automatically. That information, stored as text, can be searched for using one of multiple search or filter methods so telecommunicators can effortlessly find what they are looking for. This partnership also allows incident data available through the RapidSOS Platform to be viewed when Exacom customers are listening to live calls within the platform.

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Why did Exacom become RapidSOS Ready? 

Exacom’s logging recorders need to record the most information from the widest array of sources so that ECCs can build the most thorough picture of an incident. With every detail that gets left out, their level of risk goes up.  

RapidSOS provides valuable data from technology partners that can alter the entire course of an incident. Recording this information along with the incident audio and other media is critical to making sure that ECCs have every bit of information surrounding an incident in case of a complaint, FOIA request, or subpoena.   

It really comes down to this: “Will the ECC have everything they need to back up their decisions during this incident if someone asks questions?” With Exacom’s logging recorders, they absolutely will. 


What is Exacom looking forward to in this partnership?

To date, Exacom has completed full integration with RapidSOS, offering the most comprehensive level of recording. That includes every piece of data that RapidSOS shares through its emergency response data platform, and data sources added through new technology partnerships.  We believe this is just the beginning of a great partnership between two companies with the shared mission of saving more lives.  Over time, we expect to expand this partnership to further equip public safety agencies with the tools and functionality they need to succeed.

To learn more about integrating Exacom technology with RapidSOS for your agency, reach out to your Emergency Engagement Manager (EEM)