Why Local Security Became RapidSOS Ready: Sending Multimedia to 911

by Hfbtech

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Authored by Adam Power, CEO at Local Security

Adam Power founded Local Security with Devon Thomas, a seasoned executive in the electronic security space, to bring remote video monitoring technology to independant security providers. Prior to founding Local Security, Adam consulted with security organizations, helping them to increase operational efficiency and drive sales.

About Local Security

The Local Security platform was created to solve an in-house problem. Our customers were asking for video monitoring, secure storage, and advanced computer vision technology. After searching the marketplace for a product that would fit their needs, we came up empty-handed.

So, we built our own solution.

Local Security is committed to partnerships with communities and the organizations that use cutting-edge technology to secure them. The Local Security suite integrates best-in-class cloud video management, AI, and a proprietary workflow management application. Now with RapidSOS technology embedded into the platform, video operators and emergency responders in thousands of jurisdictions can communicate with efficiency and precision.

During an emergency, first responders must receive accurate and detailed information. In some situations, quality communication can mean the difference between life and death. 

In the past, video surveillance operators had to rely on dialing 911, or a clunky 10 digit dial to reach an Emergency Communications Center in another region. Then, once an emergency dispatcher is reached, a cumbersome process of reciting key account information ensues.

Fast forward to today. 

The same worker needs only to click a button to automate the lookup of the appropriate Emergency Communications Center, and instantly begin a conversation with a dispatcher, as well as digital delivery of key information. No time is wasted on data entry, including the transmission of incident video and pictures. When the emergency worker arrives on scene they have enhanced situational awareness, and in some cases have already reviewed media on their mobile workstations.

Why Local Security Became RapidSOS Ready

Local Security selected RapidSOS to help deliver on our mission because of RapidSOS’s commitment to excellence, revolutionary technology, and extensive relationships with Public Safety Access Points and Emergency Communications Centers across North America.

Through a robust integration with the Local Security platform, our partners can now enable digital transmission of the entire incident profile, including device location, video, and pictures, to 911 in supported jurisdictions. 

With the Local Security and RapidSOS solution, remote operators will be able to securely transmit text, picture, and video data with the click of a button.

Local Security supports service providers around the world. The Local Security platform offers analytics and real-time insights, and connects directly to a network of security guards, ECC’s, and local support agencies, avoiding unnecessary phone calls and wait time during an incident. Local Security works with guard service providers, systems integrators, and IT service providers to equip them with advanced technologies to better serve their clients.

Sought-after products include Bounty Hunter and Camera Glue. Bounty Hunter helps service providers make every mission a success. Camera Glue connects to virtually any stream source including IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid encoders & more. The toolkit allows Surveillance Operations Centers an end-to-end solution for managing incidents from a video-first perspective.

Our work with RapidSOS now and into the future is certain to enhance the life-saving capabilities of video monitoring centers around the world.

To learn more about the joint solution, see the full press release here.

To learn more about sending your life-saving data to first responders through the RapidSOS Platform, talk to an expert today.