Why ZeroEyes Became RapidSOS Ready

by Hfbtech

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Authored by Tammy A. Beil, Director of Marketing at ZeroEyes

Who is ZeroEyes?

ZeroEyes is the only AI weapons detection platform that focuses solely on visible weapons detection to identify threats. Founded by a team of Navy SEALs and veterans with over 50 years of collective military experience, ZeroEyes was created to help bring an end to gun violence. Through integrating with existing camera systems, ZeroEyes inserts an additional, critical layer into an organization’s security framework and enables them to identify visible weapons at first sight – rather than first shot.

ZeroEyes has worked with organizations across education, government, and commercial sectors over the past three years to provide a proactive solution against active threats and help save lives.

What is the ZeroEyes and RapidSOS partnership?

By combining ZeroEyes’ weapon detection capabilities with RapidSOS’s technology,  911 telecommunicators and first responders will have access to the real-time information they need to make accurate and more informed decisions. 

How does it work? 

When a weapon is detected, an alert with the image of the weapon is sent to the ZeroEyes monitoring team. Once confirmed, critical data collected by ZeroEyes is sent to local Emergency Communications Centers through the RapidSOS Platform, in a streamlined multistep process that occurs in seconds. Local emergency dispatch, such as onsite security staff and police and school administrators are then notified and security personnel are granted critical time to move people to safety, and enact other aspects of their security process.

ZeroEyes How It Works graphic

Why did ZeroEyes become RapidSOS Ready?

Over the last year alone, gun violence spiked to record levels, reaching a height of 19,397 gun-related deaths. With these tragic events unfolding every day, it is essential that security technologies are equipped with the fastest and most responsive capabilities to proactively prevent these incidents. We identified RapidSOS as a meaningful partner to help us address the most taxing challenge that first responders face in emergency situations – situational awareness.

Historically, first responders have not always had access to correct, up-to-date information that they need to address a threat and are often told that there are more shooters than reality. It is critical that first responders and other personnel have the accurate details in real-time, so they can adequately identify the perpetrator and usher people to safety.

ZeroEyes became RapidSOS Ready because we understand that in emergency situations every second counts. Integrating our solutions to provide first responders with real-time information can critically reduce the time it takes to address a threat, and ultimately, save a life.

To learn more about sending your life-saving data to first responders through the RapidSOS Platform, talk to an expert today.