Bringing together industry veterans, top investors, and key partners to solve the mobile location challenge

by Hfbtech

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Four years ago, as I tried to learn more about public safety, I had a rule that I needed to talk to at least two PSAPs per day. Four years and thousands of conversations later – I remain humbled by how much the public safety community has come together to push our rich NG911 link for location and additional data.

The WSJ recently covered that journey – discussing how the technology was built over four years based on the feedback, guidance, and testing of thousands of public safety officials. From Tom Wheeler and Steve Souder joining the RapidSOS Advisory Board last month, to officially closing our $14 million Series A and growing our partnerships with our 9-1-1 software vendor partners, I can without a doubt say we would not have reached this point without the immense support from our advisors, investors, and the Public Safety community.


Working Together to Solve the Mobile Location Challenge

In order to solve one of the biggest tech challenges of our generation, it was imperative for us to work with the Public Safety community to ensure the solution we built would be up to industry standards and useful for 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders.

With former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s knowledge around technology and telecommunications, Steve Souder’s 60+ years of Public Safety experience, and the deep industry background of our 9-1-1 software vendor partners, we have built a platform to pass data from millions of connected devices directly to 9-1-1 and first responder systems. The impact is faster response, safer communities, and lives saved nationwide (download our White Paper to learn more).


I am beyond grateful for the feedback we have received from thousands of Public Safety officials who have tested our technology and been involved in the development of our solution over the past four years. The result is a combination of some of the best in the tech world with the deep expertise of the Public Safety community.

Looking Ahead

Today we sit behind millions of connected devices to transmit key data to 9-1-1 in an emergency, without the need for a call center to verbally speak data to 9-1-1.


With our supporters providing their expertise and insight, we are just steps away from getting precise location and rich data to 9-1-1 for millions of mobile calls nationwide, without the need for an app or any investment on behalf of 9-1-1. The result is faster response and first responders who arrive with unprecedented situational awareness.

Ultimately, we have the ability to analyze thousands of data points to predict and prevent certain emergencies before they occur – a complete paradigm shift in how we think about emergencies.

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