World Hearing Day 2016

by Hfbtech

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Today is World Hearing Day, an annual event held on March 3rd to advocate for those with hearing loss.


What is World Hearing Day?

World Hearing Day, established in 2007, works to increase awareness about hearing care around the world. This year’s theme is ‘Childhood hearing loss: act now, here is how!’ This topic draws much-needed attention to the fact that hearing loss in children can largely be prevented by public health initiatives. 

4 Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss in Children

  1. Ask for a newborn hearing screening. By finding out if your child needs a hearing aid early on, you will give them a better chance of living a life free of restrictions. 
  2. Get yourself and your children vaccinated. Certain viral infections during pregnancy can lead to fetal hearing loss. Further, there are many infectious diseases that can lead to damaged hearing in young children. By getting yourself and your child vaccinated, you can protect them from these conditions.
  3. Protect children from every day noise. Over 85 decibels is dangerous, so be sure to give your children earplugs if you are taking them to concerts or loud events. Also, make sure they aren’t listening to music through headphones at full volume. Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital determined that listening to music with headphones at 60% the potential volume should be relatively safe.
  4. Stay away from medications that can damage hearing. These medications may include antibiotics of the aminoglycocides, such as streptomycin, especially when combined with other medications like diuretics. 

Get Involved

60% of hearing loss in children can be prevented if you take the right measures.  You can help raise awareness by sharing this info with others. Be proactive and get involved with World Hearing Day!