Zetron Announces MAX Call-Taking Software Release that SupportsRapidSOS’ Enhanced Location Solution

by Hfbtech

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Redmond, WA, August 9, 2017 – Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions worldwide, released its MAX Call Taking software version which now supports RapidSOS’ Enhanced Location Services. Through this integration, PSAPs using Zetron’s MAX Call Taking solution have the ability to query the RapidSOS NG9-1-1 Clearinghouse when a wireless call is received. In return, the Clearinghouse transmits device-based hybrid location obtained from all smartphone location sensors through NG9-1-1 delivery mechanisms. The RapidSOS Clearinghouse functionality will by default be integrated into all upcoming deployments of the new Zetron MAX Call Taking 1.8 release.

This release follows the completion of pilot testing throughout the state of Tennessee. The results of the testing have shown that locations transmitted to the RapidSOS NG9-1-1 Clearinghouse via device-based hybrid location mechanisms are more accurate and available faster than traditional ALI location delivery.

“The results of the location testing were better than I could have ever hoped for,” said Alice Johnson, Zetron’s MAX Call Taking product manager. “This partnership is going to give call takers using our systems the location data they need to dispatch help faster and more accurately, helping to save more lives, protect more property.”

Zetron will be showcasing the RapidSOS integration at the APCO conference in Denver at the Zetron booth #1325. Stop by for a demonstration!

About Zetron

Zetron has been designing and manufacturing integrated mission-critical communications systems since 1980. Its offerings include IP-based dispatch, NG9-1-1 call-taking, voice logging, IP fire station alerting, CAD, mapping, and automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems. They are expandable, interoperable, and able to support geo-diverse operations. What’s more, Zetron backs its products with technical support, training, and project-management services known for their skill and responsiveness. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and a global network of partners, resellers, and system integrators, Zetron has installed thousands of systems and over 25,200 console positions worldwide. Zetron is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKenwood Corporation. For more information, visit: www.zetron.com. Download PDF