Connect critical rail data directly to 911 and field responders

When emergencies occur, both rail companies and first responders lack the critical information they need to ensure the fastest and safest possible emergency response.
RapidSOS alerts rail companies of emergencies on their tracks with real-time notifications from 911 and provides first responders with critical data that helps them respond as quickly as possible.

Connect your NOC to local 911 and field responders with bi-directional incident data

Direct, bi-directional communication (voice, text, video) with 911 and field responders ensures the fastest possible emergency response during rail incidents.

Stay informed with real-time updates of 911 emergencies on your tracks including blocked crossings, trespassing, derailments, and more.

Instantly alert local responders of emergencies and provide them with critical response data including precise incident location, consist information, and safe handling guides.

Connect emergency data to field responders before they arrive on-scene

Put real-time location, incident details, and train consist information into the hands of field responders using IamResponding so they can access hazardous material response protocols (ERG) before they arrive on scene.

Real-time data is linked to existing response systems used by 1M+ first responders in 171M+ emergencies globally each year.

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RapidSOS has transformed emergency response in otherwise fragmented and legacy systems—aggregating and providing critical data that ECCs and first responders in the field need to ensure a rapid and informed emergency response.

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Chief John M. Buckman, III (Ret),

Past President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs

Hear how Norfolk Southern partners with RapidSOS to transform rail safety

VP of Safety John Fleps explains how partnering with RapidSOS enables Norfolk Southern to connect the right information to field responders under any circumstances.

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Learn how RapidSOS helps rail companies reduce emergency response times

How RapidSOS connects consist data directly to first responders

System detects an event

blocked crossing or hazmat emergency

Consist data linked directly from NOC

to 911 through the RapidSOS platform

Field responders receive data

arrive on scene more informed and prepared

Scalable nation-wide coverage

  • Access 5,700+ ECCs covering 99.9% of U.S. population
  • Connect emergency data to 1M+ field responders
  • Ensure your data can be shared between jurisdictions