Tech companies | Apps, wearables and PERS

Turn your products into a personal safety lifeline

Deliver critical safety and emergency response capabilities

Keep your customers, employees and communities safe with a direct link to a RapidSOS safety agent or 911.<br />

Essential connection

Provide critical data directly to public safety for a faster, more accurate emergency response.

Scalable & flexible integration

Easily embed key safety features into your product or service through a single API.

Pioneering capabilities

Stand out with a differentiated and comprehensive safety offering.

How it works


“sos triggered”
through device or app


RapidSOS Safety Agent
uses AI to communicate with person in need


911 receives alert
critical data is received, help is on the way

Quote Image

We have been talking to our drivers and riders about what matters to them in terms of safety, and overwhelmingly they talked about emergency response in the app.

Nirveek De,

Uber Safety Products Lead

If an unsafe moment escalates to an emergency, seconds count.

When apps and wearables are RapidSOS Ready, it means more timely and detailed information gets into the hands of those who can help, faster.

How to integrate your product with public safety

Finding the right safety solution for your business can be as tough as the challenges you’re looking to solve. See what RapidSOS experienced and overcame while building the world’s first intelligent safety platform.


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