RapidSOS UNITE centralizes your NG911 data

calls, texts, video, sensors and more – for more efficient and informed response, with flexible upgrades available to localize and analyze data based on your agency’s needs.


Key benefits

Centralize Workflows

More complete and faster incident handling

Transform response with Digital Alerts

Eliminate alarm calls and receive incident-specific data digitally

Customize add-on modules to suit your needs

Customize your agency’s solution while staying within budget

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Explore Premium Modules Customized for Your Agency’s Needs

Locally Authoritative GIS Data

Upgrade beyond Google Maps, improving the accuracy and control of mapping data


Field Responders

Extend the reach of critical data with solution built for responders, by responders

Single Sign-On

Streamline the login and user creation workflows for telecommunicators and administrators


Intelligent Analyst

Go beyond call handling reporting into incident analytics to understand agency’s full workload


Leverage AI-powered language translation, multimedia storage, and an unlimited library of quick-reply messages


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