How Eagle Eye Networks Shares Real-time Security Camera Footage with 911

Revolutionizing emergency response with instant access to security cameras

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Goals and opportunity

Security cameras are widespread in our communities; however, they are typically inaccessible to 911 services during emergencies. Eagle Eye Networks aimed to revolutionize the interaction between security cameras and first responders by seeking a partner capable of connecting real-time camera footage directly to 911 centers nationwide on a large scale.

Partnering with RapidSOS

Eagle Eye Networks partnered with RapidSOS to power Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing, which enables security camera owners to share pre-selected security cameras with 911 during an emergency. With real-time access to security cameras, 911 telecommunicators can quickly verify incidents and can pass vital information on to field responders.

How it works

1. Camera owners preselect which cameras to share

2. 911 call is placed

3. Preselected cameras within 1,000 meters are enabled

4. 911 telecommunicators access live camera footage

5. Real-time insights are relayed to field responders


Through their partnership with RapidSOS, Eagle Eye Networks is empowered to share millions of live camera feeds across the country directly to 21,000+ first responder agencies across the US.

By equipping 911 with instant access to security cameras, Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing provides crucial, real-time situational awareness during emergencies that reduces response times and helps keep our communities safe.

Data sources shared with 911:

  • Incident location
  • Incident type
  • Security cameras accessible within 1,000 meters
  • Real-time security camera footage
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Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing, powered by RapidSOS, is a product that reflects our commitment to enhancing public safety, and the founding principle of our company—making the world a safer place.

Dean Drako,

CEO, Eagle Eye Networks

See how RapidSOS can help establish the best possible connection between security systems and first responders