RapidSOS & Ecobee

Strengthening home security offering with 24/7 Safety Agents

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Goals and opportunity

ecobee, a sustainable smart home company, wanted to add professionally monitoring services for its ecobee thermostats and sensors and digitally deliver alarm data to 911. To give its customers increased peace of mind, the company was looking for a proven partner to public safety who could securely connect life-saving data to 911 during an emergency.

Partnering with RapidSOS

By partnering with RapidSOS, ecobee customers can access 24/7 professional monitoring for enhanced home protection. Furthermore, RapidSOS shares emergency intelligence data, including entry and exit, motion, video and audio clips, from ecobee devices with 911 telecommunicators to increase the amount of information that first responders have on hand during an emergency. By digitally routing this information to 911 center screens, RapidSOS can provide first responders with the critical information they need to protect lives and help ecobee reduce emergency response time for its customers by minutes.

How it works

1. An ecobee sensor detects an incident and initiates RapidSOS’ API

2. RapidSOS Safety Agent calls or texts the ecobee customer to verify the incident

3. RapidSOS Safety Agent escalates to 911 through voice or a digital alert and simultaneously shares available device data

4. Field responders arrive on scene faster and better informed with rich data from ecobee devices


By offering 24/7 monitoring services to verify incidents and sharing alarm information with telecommunicators during an emergency, ecobee is providing customers with an added layer of safety and security. ecobee and RapidSOS are live today in the U.S. and working to expand their offering to Canada.

Data sources shared with 911:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Description of alarm sensor
  • Timestamp of Activation
  • Multimedia
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Millions of families already trust ecobee to deliver energy savings and comfort in their homes. Now, with ecobee Smart Security and professional monitoring, powered by RapidSOS, we’re able to further transform ecobee products into powerful security solutions capable of transmitting critical data directly to local 911 agencies in an emergency to dispatch local emergency services.

Stuart Lombard,

Founder and CEO, ecobee

See how RapidSOS helps connect home security data to first responders