How Grubhub’s app protects drivers during unsafe moments and emergencies

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Goals and opportunity

Leading food delivery platform, Grubhub, is continuously looking to ensure the well-being of its delivery partners and support them with the necessary resources to earn safely. Through direct input from active delivery partners and Grubhub’s Driver Safety Council, Grubhub identified that drivers had a preference for in-app safety features that could quickly connect them to 911 during an emergency while also having the option to get in touch with RapidSOS Safety Agents for moments when they’re feeling anxious or unsafe.

Partnering with RapidSOS

Through a simple API integration between the Grubhub for Drivers app and RapidSOS, Grubhub is able to connect delivery partner’s data including name, phone number, and geolocation with both 911 and a team of 24/7 Safety Agents.

By connecting critical incident data with 24/7 Safety Agents, Grubhub reduces the amount of time it takes for 911 to verify incidents, helps telecommunicators deploy appropriate resources faster, and provides its drivers with an extra layer of protection while they are on the road.

How it works

1. A Grubhub delivery partner taps the SOS icon in the top right of the app during an emergency or when they’re feeling unsafe.

2. The delivery partner has the option to Swipe for 911 or tap an icon to be connected to a 24/7 Safety Agent by call or text.

3. The driver is immediately contacted by the appropriate local 911 agency or by a 24/7 Safety Agent.


Grubhub initially deployed its new in-app safety features and integration with RapidSOS through a pilot phase in key markets including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago. At the completion of the pilot phase, 85% of surveyed drivers stated that they find it easy to report safety concerns while working for Grubhub. Today, the delivery platform has expanded access to the RapidSOS integration to all Grubhuhb delivery partners nationwide.

Data sources shared with 911 & field responders:

  • Driver Name
  • Driver Phone Number
  • Driver’s Vehicle Information
  • Delivery Address
  • Geolocation
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We are thrilled to partner with RapidSOS to allow our drivers to quickly connect with first responders directly through our app in case of emergency. Our delivery partners are essential to thousands of businesses and communities, which is why we are constantly innovating to offer the latest safety features and technology.

Jared Horton,

Director of Logistics, Grubhub

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