RapidSOS & MedicAlert

Connecting Life-Saving Health Data to 911

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Goals and opportunity

The MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to save and protect lives by sharing vital medical information in its members’ times of need. MedicAlert members receive an engraved medical ID, in addition to an online health profile they can maintain with MedicAlert.

Many of its members have special healthcare needs, like those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism or other mental disorders, heart disease, diabetes, or epilepsy. MedicAlert was looking for a way to accelerate information sharing to help first responders get on scene faster while materially improving the lives of their members.

Partnering with RapidSOS

MedicAlert sought to partner with an official 911 service provider, trusted by first responders, with the coverage necessary to protect its members across all 50 states. The company chose to partner with RapidSOS to share vital medical information with 911 in its members’ times of need.

This information, which includes data such as allergies, medications, implanted devices, and patient instructions like a DNR, is shared securely through the emergency response data platform during an emergency. When a phone number with a MedicAlert ID attached calls 911, information from their profile is immediately shared with the responding telecommunicator.

How it works

1. MedicAlert member calls 911 from the number associated with their profile

2. Data from their online profile is simultaneously shared on the telecommunicator’s screen

3. The telecommunicator relays this information to on-scene field responders


With access to vital medical information, 911 telecommunicators can quickly assess what resources are needed, and help first responders make decisions before they even arrive on scene. By sharing data with first responders, MedicAlert is able to provide a greater level of protection to their members. Recently, RapidSOS and MedicAlert have expanded their partnership into the United Kingdom, to share members’ life-saving medical information with the National Health Service in emergencies.

Data sources shared with 911 & field responders:

  • Device-based Location
  • Identification
  • Demographics
  • Health Profile
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RapidSOS sends our member’s voluntarily shared information with 911. We knew Emergency Communications Centers needed medical data, and we wanted to work with a partner who has the trust of over 16,000 first responder agencies nationwide.

Josefina Jervis,

President and COO, MedicAlert

See how RapidSOS helps connect devices' critical health data to first responders