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During a building emergency, seconds matter

Connect building data to 911

Keep building occupants safe with a direct link to a RapidSOS safety agent or 911.

Enhanced safety

Building data sent through digital alerts to a RapidSOS safety agent or 911 provides those inside with support when they need it most.

Intelligent response

Link data like floor plans, door controls, video feeds, or gunfire detection for a faster and more accurate emergency response.

Scalable integration

Easily integrate any connected device or sensor through a modern API.

How it works


System detects an event

hazard, active shooter, or medical emergency



Data is sent to AI-equipped Safety Agent

or 911 through RapidSOS platform


First responders receive data

arrive on scene more informed and prepared

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Partnering with RapidSOS helps us deliver on the promise of protecting every child, every school, every day.

Gray Hall,

CEO Raptor Technologies

In a crisis situation, a direct link to 911 can save lives

ZeroEyes’ gun detection technology connects critical threat detection and surveillance data directly to 911 and field responders through the RapidSOS platform.


75% of youths aged 15 to 21 cite mass shootings as a primary source of stress.

By connecting critical data from buildings directly to first responders, we can save minutes when seconds count.

Everytown for Gun Safety

Technology and people working together to keep local communities safe. Join us.